8 Best Shorts for Curvy Women

8 Best Shorts for Curvy Women

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Best Shorts for Curvy Women

It wouldn’t be a stylish summer without cute plus size shorts! From faux leather shorts to bike shorts, there are so many flattering and comfortable styles made with your plus size figure in mind. At Chic Soul, we love to keep our virtual shelves stocked with shorts for everyone! Whether you love a bold look or you like going for a more comfortable and relaxed style, you are going to love these shorts. Beyond showing off our favorite shorts, we wanted to create a guide for you that allows you to see which shorts look best on your curvy figure so that you can boost your confidence and dress fearlessly this summer. 

The Best Shorts for Curvy Women

Are your favorite shorts on this list? When it comes to shorts, not only are we keeping in mind the style that looks best on curvier figures, but we are also taking into consideration the practicality and comfort of each style. 

Feel Chic In Our Shorts!


1. Plus Size Denim Shorts 

Every girl has a pair of denim shorts in her closet that she loves. Denim shorts have been our go-to for so long because they are so versatile and come in many different styles, colors and lengths. Whether you love sleek and dark-colored denim or prefer shorts that have a little distress on them or embellishments, either way you can’t go wrong with denim shorts. 

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2. Plus Size Biker Shorts

Our cute biker shorts are right up there with denim shorts. They are not only comfortable, but they also help us prevent thigh chafing, and they can be worn to the gym or as a part of any athleisure look. Even though these are more casual in style, they can be dressed up with cute sandals and a denim or faux leather jacket for a street style look that any fashionista would love. 

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3. Plus Size Lounge Shorts

We love cute, matching sets, over here, and it just so happens that our plus size loungewear has so many stylish shorts in different colors and patterns. These shorts are more on the casual end, but they are still bold and vibrant. We love pairing these shorts with matching shirts or hoodies or dressing them up with cute sneakers. Because these lounge shorts are soft and made for kicking back, they will hug your curves comfortably, which make them ideal for all-day wear. 

dashing diva shorts

4. Plus Size Short Shorts

Who loves short shorts? We certainly do! If you are going for a flirty and confidence-boosting look this summer, you will want to try our bold, printed short shorts that will add emphasis to any outfit. You can pair these with cute crop tops or baby doll tops. These shorts look incredible on all body types, but especially the pear shaped body

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5. Faux Leather Shorts 

If you’re looking for a chic staple that elevates any look instantly, try faux leather shorts that have more of an A-line fit. These shorts are a little longer than your average pair and have such a chic vibe. Pair these shorts with a white button-down that’s half tucked in or tied in the front, and top the look off with cute sandals. 

summer heat shorts

6. High-Waisted Shorts

High-waist shorts are the perfect staple if you are looking for a more comfortable and supportive style. High-waist shorts will also contour your curves just right and give you the look of an hourglass figure. You can pair these shorts with crop tops or oversized tees for an on-trend look. High-waist shorts come in a variety of styles and materials, such as denim and faux leather or more lightweight fabrics like polyester and silk. 

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7. Plus Size Linen Shorts

For the warmer days of summer, you are going to need some linen shorts in your life. This fabric will keep you cool and sweat-free while also looking fabulous and pairing well with everything. If you’re going for a beach vibe, linen shorts are perfect for that style. 

be on time shorts

8. Petal Hem Shorts

If your style leans toward girly and preppy, you’re going to need a pair of petal hem shorts in your wardrobe. These shorts are a looser-fitting style that’s still very flattering and cute. You can pair this with a statement blouse or a fitted blazer for a look that’s more polished. 

Which pair of shorts are going to be your new favorites? We can’t wait to wear all these styles this summer!