A Woman’s Guide to Hiding Sweat: Sweat-Proof Clothing Hacks

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A Woman’s Guide to Hiding Sweat: Sweat-Proof Clothing Hacks

As the weather gets warmer, you may be anticipating your new summer wardrobe. And while that’s very exciting, there may also be some anxiety around sweating through your cute summer clothing. Sweating is something that’s very common for most people, but it can differ from person to person, depending on things like genetics, physical activity and the amount of stress or anxiety a person is under. The reality is that everyone sweats, but some people sweat more than others. 

More than seven million people suffer from hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating. Whether you sweat profusely or no more than the average person, it’s not hard to sweat through your clothes, especially if you live in or are visiting a climate with warm temperatures. And while it is common to sweat, but it can be unsettling to worry about sweat marks appearing on your clothes under your armpits and breasts or even on your bottom.

At Chic Soul, we believe that you should wear the clothing that you feel confident and comfortable in. We want this article to serve as a guide to you to help you identify certain styles that are great for masking sweat, but we also suggest embracing your body as it is, per the body positivity movement—sweat and all! While sweat marks may not be the exact accessory you hope to sport around this summer and spring, we are here to assure you that sweat is totally normal. 

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Sweat-Proof Clothing

As we mentioned above, sweat is unavoidable. However, by wearing loose and flowy clothing, you can easily hide any sweat that you may have throughout the day. And when we say loose and flowy clothing, we are not talking about hiding your beautiful curves in bedsheets. We’re talking fun, flirty and flattering styles that you’re going to love wearing! 

These styles are also great because they’ll reduce the anxiety you have over sweating through your clothing. The reason why loose-fitting clothing is so helpful in reducing the appearance of sweat is because it doesn’t cling to your skin as much as some of the more curve-hugging styles do. Here are our favorite loose-fitting styles and other pieces that enhance your curves while minimizing sweat: 

  • Off-the-Shoulder Tops – If you find that you sweat a lot in your armpit area, you may want to style a flowy off-the-shoulder top that allows your armpits to breathe and also masks any potential sweat. Usually, off-the-shoulder tops have cute ruffle details at the top of the shirt, which can easily hide your armpit area while also letting it breathe. This style will keep you feeling cool and beautiful—no matter what activities you have planned.
  • Flowy Dresses – One way you can easily conceal sweat without anyone noticing is by filling your closet with cute summer dresses in all lengths. Whether you like a midi, mini or maxi fit, these dresses are everyone’s go-to for the summer season, but they’re also ideal for not showing any body sweat. When it comes to dresses, avoid styles that cinch at the waist or cinch around any part of your body, as those could easily become places where you can show a sweat line. Off-shoulder dresses are great, as well as ruffle wrap mini dresses. These styles are easy, breezy and confidence-boosting. 

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  • Pull On Pants – Like the maxi dress, polyester pull-on pants are a great style statement, and they are less susceptible to showing your sweat. These pants are usually a looser fit, so they aren’t clinging to every single curve. They also come in thin, breathable fabrics or thick, sweat-proof fabrics. 
  • Leggings – While leggings may not be your go-to for the summertime, we wouldn’t rule them out completely. Dark-colored leggings will rarely ever show your sweat marks, and they pair well with everything. So, if you’re in a pickle and need bottoms that you know you can count on, leggings will definitely do the trick. 
  • Activewear – If you’re a fan of the athleisure trend, we have some good news: Not only are chic activewear and gym sets trendy right now, they’re also made for you to sweat in! Whether you hit the gym or not, activewear and plus size lounge pants were made for activity. If you need an outfit to run errands in or you know you’ll be on the go all day, your favorite activewear or gym set might be the answer to a sweat-free day!
  • Skirts – Do you sweat a lot on your bottom? Same! This is a very common place for all women to sweat. To avoid any insecurities around sweating, opt for frilly and loose-fitting skirts. We love ruffle mini skirts, as well as midi slip skirts for a beautiful look that conceals any kind of sweat you may experience.

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Sweat-Proof Clothing Hacks

Now that you have an idea of which types of clothing could be potentially sweat-proof, here are some clothing and styling hacks that can help you reduce sweat marks on your clothing whether it’s sweat-proof or sweat-prone. 

  • Embrace Strategic Peek-a-Boo Cuts – Peek-a-boo cuts in garments were very trendy a couple of years ago, but we still see cut outs in maxi dresses and blouses. If you look for garments that have strategic placement of cut-outs in areas that you sweat, like above your hips or around your bust and arms, this may help reduce the appearance of sweat. 
  • Choose Clothing with Low Arm Holes – Whether it is a dress or a tank top, having a piece that has low arm holes can eliminate any sweat problems you may experience. These pieces will not only allow your armpits to breathe, but you won’t be having any sweat issues showing through your clothing. 
  • Pack a Change of Clothes – Not only can having sweat marks make you feel uncomfortable, but it’s also unsettling to sit in sweat all day. If you know you’re going to have a sweaty day, you may want to pack an extra shirt or pair of pants to change into half way through the day.
  • Top Off Your Look with a Kimono – Kimonos are the perfect summer accessory, and they instantly conceal any sweat marks you may have. We love kimonos because they are also breathable and chic. 

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Sweat-Proof Materials 

Not all materials and fabrics are your friends, especially when it comes to choosing a material that is sweat-proof or which conceals sweat easily. As a general rule, you’ll want to stay away from super-thin and soft materials like cotton or jersey knits. Instead, opt for thicker fabrics that don’t show moisture easily. Here are some of the best materials and styles that help to mask sweat. 

  • Denim – Denim isn’t totally sweat-proof, and you can absolutely sweat through jeans, but the material is much thicker than a lightweight pair of palazzo pants that are usually made of thin fabrics. If you’re looking forward to wearing jeans this summer, you can try the super trendy mom jeans or flare jeans for a more relaxed fit, which won’t show sweat. 
  • Polyester – We all love the super-soft jersey knit fabrics because they go well with everything and they’re comfortable. However, these materials may not be the most helpful when it comes to trying to hide sweat. For maxi dresses, blouses and pants, you will want to stick to polyester materials that aren’t so soft or curve-hugging. Polyester can either be very thick or lightweight and airy, which makes the fabric resistant to showing sweat marks.
  • Linen – Linen clothing usually has a looser fit on the body, and it’s very breathable, which can keep your sweating to a minimum. Linen garments are also usually see-through, so it’s harder to see sweat through these pieces. 
  • Nylon – Nylon has an incredible capability of wicking sweat from your body, which is why it’s commonly found in your favorite activewear styles. With that being said, incorporating more nylon into your wardrobe is a great idea if you find yourself sweating a lot during summer. 
  • Spandex – Like nylon, spandex is moisture-wicking, which means it won’t show sweat. This is a great fabric and material to keep on hand if you like a curve-hugging look that is sweat-proof. 

Colors that Conceal Sweat Marks

You can wear any material you want if you play the color game just right. Light colors like gray and pastels will show every single drop of sweat on your body. Does that mean you can’t wear light-colored clothing? Nope! You totally can if you wear loose-fitting clothing. But if you want to embrace darker colors to avoid any sweat mishaps, here are some of our favorite colors to sport: 

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  • Black – Whether you are wearing a bodycon dress, work pants or athletic wear, black is always a strong color that won’t show sweat lines.
  • Bold Patterns – If you are feeling very worried or self-conscious about sweating through darker colors, you may want to try and embrace bold patterns. Patterns and prints on any kind of clothing can make it even more difficult to see any kind of sweat lines. 
  • White – White clothing is a light color, but it’s difficult to see sweat lines through this shade. If you love wearing white, choose soft linen pieces that are breathable.
  • Navy – Darker colors like navy don’t show sweat. So, whether you have a pair of navy shorts or a cute navy blouse, you can confidently rock them without worrying about sweat. 

Accessories That Help You Sweat Less

Whether you want to make sure you’re well protected or you're wearing a risky color or garment, these accessories and products can help you achieve a second layer of defense against sweat. 

  • Bralettes – Sweat lines often occur just under the bust area, which is why it could be helpful to opt for plus size bralettes instead of your average bra or no bra at all. There are many styles of summer clothing that usually require you to go braless, which is great. But if you find that you’re sweating in that area more than usual, bralettes can help absorb the additional sweat while giving you that comfortable fit. 

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  • Antiperspirants – If you find yourself extra sweaty under your armpits or bust, you may want to try an antiperspirant. These products can be very effective in stopping sweat completely for some. For others, they may reduce the amount of sweat produced in a day, which will greatly limit the amount of sweat marks showing through on your clothing. Antiperspirant wipes are also great to keep in your purse in case you need a refresh throughout the day. 
  • Biker Shorts – If you sweat a lot on your bottom, you may want to add a pair of biker shorts or anti-chafing shorts to your summer wardrobe. These shorts are usually moisture-wicking—and they help you battle the dreaded chub rub! We love wearing these light-weight shorts under dresses and skirts to help mitigate sweat.
  • Shapewear – If you are trying to avoid sweat marks on curve-hugging clothing, you may want to add some plus size shapewear into your daily outfits. These undergarments can help you conceal sweat and keep it from making a mark on your clothing. Shapewear can make you feel hotter than usual, though, since it does fit very closely to your skin. 

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We hope this guide has you stressing a little less about sweat. As we mentioned above, sweat is a totally natural thing that everyone experiences. There is no reason to be embarrassed by it—especially if you live in a warmer climate. We advise wearing the clothes you love while implementing some of this styling advice to boost your confidence. When you look good, you feel good—sweat and all. So we are all about you finding your dream summer outfit and rocking it to the fullest!