8 Best Dress Styles for a Large Bust

8 Best Dress Styles for a Large Bust

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Calling all busty gals—you’re needed on center stage! If you’re here, chances are that you are well-endowed, which is fabulous! Keep reading because this full-figured fashion style guide was written just for you! Because you have DDs or larger, you may run into fit and style issues when you are putting together outfits, specifically dresses. Have no fear, though, because today, we are going to show you the dresses that were made especially for your body.

Wrap Dresses

Not only are these dresses extremely flattering on all body types, but wrap dresses were made with your figure in mind. Wrap dresses usually cinch just under the bust, giving your girls a lift while also contouring your figure. Wrap dresses also separate your girls for a more defined look. They also draw the eye down, which highlights your curves as well. 

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V-neck dresses are similar to the wrap style because these garments also separate your girls, while highlighting your natural figure. If you’re not a big fan of showing too much cleavage, opt for a neckline that comes up a little higher so that you don’t feel too exposed. Go bold with a bright-colored dress or stick to a monochromatic hue for a chic and classic look. 

Another critical styling point you should prioritize when looking for a v-neck dress is making sure that the dress cinches at the waist. Whether you add a belt to the look or it’s naturally fitted, this detail is critical in making sure that your figure is highlighted perfectly!

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Flowy Sleeves

Fitted dresses with flowy sleeves are not only extremely beautiful, but they also balance out your curvy proportions. If you feel like all of your dresses attract too much attention to your cleavage, incorporating more garments with statement sleeves could be a great style hack. 

Fit and Flare 

Another way to balance out your figure is by creating an hourglass silhouette with fit and flare dresses. Whether you prefer long sleeves or tank tops, these dresses cinch at the waist just under your bust and flare out toward the bottom. Not only will you look like a curvy goddess, but you’ll also feel so confident

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Off the Shoulder

If you’re looking to create a cute and cozy look this fall, you may want to add a plus size off the shoulder dress to your wardrobe. Highlighting your shoulders will put the emphasis on them rather than your girls. In fact, if you are looking to minimize your bust, this dress will help you! 

Maxi Dresses

If you are on the shorter and bustier side, plus size maxi dresses elongate your figure and give you a really flattering look. These dresses are also very comfortable and super cute for fall. 

Babydoll Dresses

A plus size babydoll dress may not be the first style you think of when you are trying to highlight and accentuate a curvier bust; however, there are some fits and styles that work particularly well for bustier gals. When embracing babydoll dresses, try to find styles that cinch at the waist. Typically, babydoll dresses flare out toward the bottom, which creates the same fit and flare effect we mentioned above. However, if you were to style a babydoll dress that doesn’t cinch in the waist, you may find that your figure could be drowned out. You can always add a belt just below your bust to better define the area.  

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Halter Dresses

Halter dresses are perfect for women looking to minimize and contour their bust. Similar to off the shoulder dresses, this style highlights your arms and flatters the rest of your gorgeous figure. When selecting a halter dress, you can really opt for any style—whether that be a maxi, mini or fit and flare—because they all look amazing on you!

We hope this style guide has given you the confidence to set forth and create some cute plus size fall outfits that flatter your figure and contour your girls! Don’t feel the need to live by these rules as you should always wear what you feel most confident in!