Four Perfect Plus Size Date Night Outfits

Four Perfect Plus Size Date Night Outfits

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Hey girl! We see you blushing over there. If you have a date night planned but aren’t sure what to wear, don’t worry! We have you covered with some cute date night outfits that will have you feeling confident, sexy and beautiful.

Depending on what you and your date have planned, you’ll want to make sure you feel confident and comfortable in these looks. With these looks, you’ll be down for whatever adventure awaits. If this is a first date, you’re probably looking to make a lasting first impression, but don’t go too over the top with an outfit you wouldn’t usually wear. It’s important to think about an outfit you have that makes you feel your best, and then find ways to turn it up a notch. You don’t want to necessarily try a new style on a first date because you may be in your head the whole time wondering if your outfit is okay. We want you to be 100 percent confident on your first date. However, if you are planning a look for a routine date night with your partner, you should definitely experiment with new trends and styles that will have you feeling bold! 

Alright, let’s dive into this plus size date night outfit guide—broken down by certain activities—and we hope you find a look that will turn heads! 

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Date Night Destination: Dinner 

Dinner dates are one of the most common planned dates, and they are a really great way to get to know your new love interest or spend quality time with your long-time partner. The kind of outfit you should wear on a dinner date will entirely depend on where you are going. SO be sure to do a little research on the place so you’ll know what plus size boutique dresses will be perfect for this date night. 

Dressed to Perfection–Dresses are probably the most classic date night outfit, and we know why! When you find a dress that hugs your curves in all the right places, your confidence skyrockets! If you are on your way to a fancy dinner, opt for a bodycon fit. If dinner is a little more casual and you have activities planned after, strut your stuff in plus size wrap dresses.

Date Night Destination: The Movies 

Movie date nights are fun and exciting, and they typically don’t require you to do intense outfit planning. 

Keep it Cute and Chill–Since you’re planning on sitting back and watching a movie, make sure your outfit is comfortable, but also something that you feel confident in. If you’re heading to the movies, try pairing ripped skinny jeans with a cute plus size cardigan. If you and your boo are planning a movie night in, keep it casual with some leggings and plus size off the shoulder tops. Want to get even comfier? Throw on some plus size loungewear and get ready for the coziest movie night ever.

Date Night Destination: Drinks

While drinks may seem casual, depending on the spot your grabbing cocktails, this could be your chance to get really dressed up. If you’re grabbing drinks at a swanky hotel rooftop bar, opt for a curve-hugging sweater dress or a bodycon mini dress paired with a cozy cardigan or trench coat for an extra sexy vibe. 

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Date Night Destination: Tailgating and Other Outdoor Activities

Do you and your cutie share a favorite sports team? We see a tailgating date in your future. This will be a fun date and there may be many adventures after the game, so we advise that you dress for a day and night of action-packed activities. 

One of the Boys–Pair your favorite jeans with one of these plus size graphic tees. This look is very laid back, but you’ll be able to let your personality shine through with your graphic tee. This outfit could also work for dates that involve concerts, picnics and other fun outdoor activities. 

Cozy and Casual–If you’re not a fan of graphic tees, pair your favorite skinny jeans or leggings with an oversized plus size sweater. These sweaters are super practical for any outdoor activity, and you’ll look so cute and carefree. 

No matter what you end up doing with your significant other or future bae, remember to have fun and stay true to you! Choose an outfit that you feel unstoppable in and let that confidence shine! 

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