How to Dress a Pear-Shaped Body

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As plus size women, our bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Just because we fall into the category of “plus” doesn’t mean we all look the same. Many of us use fruits and shapes to describe our figure. For example, pear-shaped women have wide hips and a well-defined waistline. Their body closely resembles that of a pear.

If you aren’t sure what type of body you have, you may be wondering how to figure out if you have a pear figure or not. We put together some characteristics that most pear-shaped bodies share below. Check out these identifiers to see if you can relate!

Pear Shape Characteristics:

  • Are your hips wider than your shoulders?
  • Is your waistline smaller than your hips or well-defined?
  • Are your booty and thighs full and round?
  • Do you tend to carry your weight in your thighs?
  • Are your shoulders round? Do you notice that they slope?

If you answered yes to some or all of these characteristics, you most likely have a pear-shaped body, which is wonderful! There are so many styles and fits that were made for you and your gorgeous figure! No matter which body type you have, styling clothing to accentuate curves is all about drawing the eye to wherever you want it to go by using certain fabrics, patterns, colors and layers. Shall we dive into the style guide we made just for you?

enchanting floral black dress

Dressed to Impress

While most dresses will look stunning on a pear figure, stick to dresses that have more of a bodycon fit that will hug your voluptuous curves.

Fit and Flare–Don’t be afraid to embrace your curves and contour them with flattering plus size dresses like a fit and flare style, which hugs you right under the bust and flares out toward the bottom. This dress will naturally be a great fit as it follows the shape of your body.

Off the Shoulder–A dress with an off the shoulder fit looks amazing on everyone, but when dressing a pear-shaped body with this dress, rock a plus size off the shoulder dress that has a fitted waist or use a belt to define the waistline so you don’t drown your curves out in something too flowy.

The Wrap–Another versatile dress that looks amazing on everyone, but especially pear shapes, is a slimming plus size wrap dress. This style will naturally hug your curves in all the right places and have you feeling radiant and beautiful.

style icon jean jacket

Outerwear Done Right

Since we are in the middle of winter, we should talk about plus size jackets. While these pieces may only be on you while you’re bearing the cold outside, they are still an integral part of your style. Here are the pieces you should prioritize for your figure:

Tie-Waist–No matter what you wear, you should always keep your striking waistline in mind—if you got it, flaunt it—and that also translates into the coats you are wearing. Find a longer coat with a tie-waist or a belt to keep your figure instead of burying it under puffy fabrics.

Crop it–Since your waistline is smaller than your hips, you want to keep bulky jackets away from sitting directly below the waist. Opt for a cropped fit for a flattering look.

dark wash boulevard jeans

The Most Flattering Pants

Let’s talk about how to accentuate the curviest part of your body and make you feel the most confident you’ve ever been in pants.

Bootcut–If your goal is to balance your hips out, try a bootcut pant. The subtle flare toward the bottom of the pants will provide you with more symmetry.

Skinny–If you want to play up your curves every chance you get, embrace them with skinny jeans. These curve-hugging bottoms will accentuate every curve and have you feeling like a bombshell.

High-Waist–High-waist flare pants are stunning on pear shapes and they also enhance your curves if you love showing them off. Opt for a dark color for an ultra-flattering look.

ice me out top oatmeal

Tops That Create Balance

With pear-shaped bodies, the top portion of your figure is usually much smaller than the lower half, which is a great contrast. However, if you’re looking for more balance, try these styles of blouses!

Dolman Sleeve–These kinds of blouses can add volume to your upper body, shoulders and arms, making you feel more balanced on top. Plus, they are super cute. 

Off The Shoulder–Pairing a ruffle off the shoulder top with fitted bottoms would put the emphasis on your upper body, providing more symmetry and balance. This sounds like a super cute outfit. Can we borrow?

Boat Neck–Any blouse with a boat neck will broaden your shoulders, which will offer more balance. Feel free to look for tops that also have emphasized sleeves or shoulder details for more symmetry.

The most important style tip is to always stay true to you and wear what makes you feel like the bombshell you are!

If you would love to learn more about how to style and dress your plus size body, visit our comprehensive style guide which will let you know how to style your body type!