6 Best Jeans for Big Butts

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Hey Ms. New Booty! Do you have a hard time shopping for and finding jeans that not only fit your booty but also look good on your curves? The good news is you are not alone! Over the years, denim has evolved to become more inclusive and more comfortable. Now, many denim styles have a lot of stretch in them, which is crucial in attaining a fit that perfectly hugs every curve comfortably.

At Chic Soul, we understand that plus-size women and bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which is why we fill our virtual shelves with many different denim styles, fits, and washes. This ensures that you are able to find a pair of plus-size jeans for women that fit you like a glove and flatter your figure. 

If you have a big booty, you most likely fall into the pear-shape body type, which means you could have smaller shoulders and a smaller bust with wider hips and a full, round butt. If you’re interested in learning more about the perfect pants for pear-shaped bodies, continue reading. Of course, this style guide will also be helpful for any plus-size queen who has a big booty—regardless of their body shape or size. Without any further ado, here are the best styles for voluptuous booties. Let’s get into it! 

High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

If you are looking to make your booty pop, then high-rise skinny jeans are going to be your best friend. These jeans smooth and hug your curves while cinching your waist above your butt. The high-waist jean could also improve the fit for women who struggle with the booty gap—where the waist is much smaller than the butt, leaving a gap between the back of your jeans and waist. 

Little Miss Jeans, Dark Wash

Flare Jeans

If you love your butt, but some days you want to draw less attention to it, try wearing a pair of plus-size flare jeans. The dramatic wide-leg will remove the emphasis placed on your booty and it will streamline your figure. Not only do these jeans look amazing on your figure, but they are also very trendy! 

If you’re not a fan of a dramatic flare, you could also try cropped flare jeans. This style falls just above your ankle and the flare is more subtle, but it also helps balance out your bottom half. This style is also great for all the petite plus-size fashionistas with big booties who have a hard time finding denim that doesn’t drag. 

 Want To Be Like You Girlfriend Jeans, Dark Wash

Boyfriend Jeans

Do you love a good pair of relaxed jeans that don’t cling to your every curve? If so, we think boyfriend jeans are the perfect fit for you. These jeans look great on big booties because they still look great on your curves without emphasizing them too much. If you’re a fan of plus-size distressed jeans, boyfriend jeans usually offer a distressed look. 

Black pants


This goes without saying, but you should definitely have a pair of jeggings in your closet. Since your body is so curvy, you need jeans that have an ample amount of stretch in them. Jeggings hug every curve just right, and they will make your booty look stunning. This style is also extremely comfortable … so, if you’re looking for jeans that you can live in all day, look no further!

Search Is Over Jeans, Dark Wash

Straight Leg and Mom Jeans

Skinny jeans are our favorite, but if you want a less dramatic look for your lower half, opt for a pair of straight leg or mom jeans. This denim style has a wider leg that doesn’t cling to your ankle, which can balance out your proportions and give you a more relaxed look and fit. These jeans are fitted throughout the waist and thighs but then give a little when it comes down to the ankle. 

Waiting To Find You Jeans, Black

Black Denim

Are you looking for a flattering and slimming look all over? If so, you’ll want to keep a couple of pairs of black denim in your wardrobe. Black jeans look sharp and chic while being easy to pair and wear with virtually anything. Not only will your butt look great in these jeans, but you’ll be feeling confident and sharp all day long. 

At Chic Soul, we love every curve on your body! We hope this denim style advice helped you find fits that will help you show off your best assets and boost your confidence!