Plus Size Workout Outfits to Boost Your Confidence

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Whether you hit the gym to blow off stress or because you have some major goals you’re striving toward, you may find some days are easier than others. That’s because most people experience gym intimidation or lack of motivation at some point on their fitness journey—for many, six months after they start working out. When gym-goers lose motivation or feel intimidated, confidence tanks, which can affect overall performance. But we have one simple, exciting solution to beat intimidation and insecurities while working out. It all starts with your clothing! 

We love every opportunity we get to enhance our wardrobes because every time we wear an outfit that makes us feel confident, we feel like we can handle anything—including extra reps at the gym, a new stance in yoga class and whatever challenge our personal trainer hands us. 

Are you ready to breathe new life into your gym routine and boost confidence during leg day or pilates class? Chic Soul’s plus size boutique has the athletic attire you need in your wardrobe to crush every goal. 

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Wear Your Mantra On Your Sleeve

Need something to keep you going during those last sets of reps? Make plus size graphic tees a main staple in your workout wardrobe. From fun designs that will spice up your look to positive affirmations, these shirts can inspire you to push yourself and have you feeling super cute while working out. 

full figure woman in workout clothes

The Most Supportive Sports Bra

We rely on support from other people and things on a daily basis, and both emotional and physical support is one of the things that can help us achieve our goals. That’s why you should always make sure your gym outfits include a plus size sports bra that makes you feel secure, strong and cute. If your sports bra is a visible part of your gym looks, load up your wardrobe with bold patterns and colors for an extra dose of excitement. 

Squat Proof Leggings

If you’re trying to boost your confidence when you hit the gym, analyzing the clothes you wear most could help you identify new pieces you may need to feel stronger and more excited about working out. For example, if you love your black leggings, but they are see-through or roll down when you do certain workouts, this could be a reason why your confidence has dimmed at the gym. Invest in plus size leggings that hug your curves right and don’t offer everyone a peek-a-boo when you are hitting your reps. Do they pass the test? Stand with your back to a full-length mirror and bend over. If you can see your underwear or anything else through your pants, they aren’t the ones! 

Matching Sets

Color-coordinated workout sets are everyone’s current favorite gym go-to, and we totally get why. The sets are bold, flattering and they make the people wearing them look like they know their way around the gym. If you’re lacking motivation or confidence in the gym, lay out a matching set the night before yoga class or your usual gym routine so that you’re excited to wake up and get to it—while looking fabulous might we add. These sets also lend themselves well to the plus size athleisure style, which allows you to wear your favorite gym look outside of your weekly pilates class. 

full figure woman in workout clothes

Practical (and Cute) Hoodies

If you’re not interested in having all eyes on you in the gym, and you appreciate a little extra coverage, prioritize plus size hoodies into your workout looks. These hoodies come in all patterns and colors and will have you feeling strong, confident and beautiful. Even if you don’t like to wear hoodies while working out, they are great to keep in your gym bag for running errands or meeting friends for smoothies after the gym. 

While we totally understand how the gym could be a place that sparks insecure thoughts, if you plan out a gym outfit that makes you feel unstoppable, you will be! Also, going to the gym regularly is hard. So, if you made it there today or yesterday, we’re proud of you! Keep it up!