Spread the Love: 10 Styling Tips for Ladies with Love Handles

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Love handles have been the bane of our existence since the beginning of time, and they have only been made worse by clothing that doesn’t properly fit the plus-size figure. At Chic Soul, we have plus-size styles that were made for your curves! Clothing that was made for curvier figures will naturally smooth out any unflattering areas of the body—like love handles—that are constricted by ill-fitting clothing. Not only will clothes that fit you best streamline and contour your figure, but they will also make you feel so much more confident. So, let’s just say, out with the love handles and in with the most flattering, comfortable plus-size styles! Here are some of the styling tips and garments that smooth out and get rid of your love handles. 

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

To minimize your midsection and draw attention away from any love handles, prioritize off-the-shoulder tops. These tops will put emphasis on the upper half of your body and accentuate your shoulders. 

balanced life top black


Monochromatic Dark Looks 

Are you looking for a sure-fire flattering look? Prioritize an all-black outfit for a sleek and flattering outfit. Black has a slimming effect and will ensure that you look like a bombshell! 

Oversized Sweaters 

Whether you love wearing jeans or leggings, plus-size oversized sweaters are not only very comfortable and chic but extremely flattering if you want to minimize the appearance of love handles. For a sleek look, pair your favorite oversized sweater with a pair of leggings or jeans and top the look off with knee-high boots. 

As Far As I Can See Dress, Mocha


The Shift Dress and BabyDoll Dresses

If you want to hide your love handles, you may want to keep shift and babydoll dresses handy in your closet! These dresses that hide belly fat are not only flattering but very comfortable and perfect for any occasion. For the colder seasons, you can always top these dresses off with cozy cardigans for a warmer and more stylish look. 


Investing in shapewear is a great idea if you love to wear styles and clothing that clings to your curves. Shapewear could help you feel more supported, and it will help smooth out any love handles. 

Comfortable Loungewear 

If you’re hanging out at home but still want a look that flatters your figure and conceals your love handles, plus-size lounge pants should be your go-to. These comfortable and flattering bottoms are perfect for accenting your curves just right while lounging around the house. 

Wrap Dresses 

Anytime you can accentuate your waist and emphasize your curves, you will create a flattering silhouette. Plus-size wrap dresses can help you contour your curves and smooth your love handles. These dresses cinch just below the bust or above the hips to give you a smooth hourglass look. 

Better Off This Time Dress, Mocha

The Tie Waist

Similar to the wrap dress, tie waist dresses can also help conceal love handles by contouring your hips. The tie waist takes attention away from the hips and, instead, gives the illusion that your waist is snatched. You can also wear shapewear underneath this dress to give you added support!

High-Waisted Jeans

Are you a denim girl? We love jeans, but sometimes they can be constricting and, if the sizing is off, jeans can further enhance the appearance of love handles. To mitigate this, we recommend opting for a high-rise fit. High-waisted jeans will contour your curves and smooth any love handles you may have. 

No Routine Cardigan, Brown

Vests, Cardigans, and Kimonos 

No matter what you’re wearing, if you top off your look with a vest, cardigan, or kimono, you will hide any potential love handles. Kimonos and cardigans are such great pieces to have in your closet because they elevate any outfit. And vests are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. If you have a pair of jeans that you love wearing but feel like they are too constricting and cause you to have love handles, throw on a vest, cardigan, or kimono for a stylish look that boosts your confidence.