The Summer Struggle: How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

The Summer Struggle: How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

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Summer is one of the most highly anticipated seasons, and rightfully so because there are so many activities to do–like hitting the beach with friends, hosting pool parties or throwing backyard BBQs. Summer just brings out the “feel good” feels for everyone. But if you’re plus size, summer may be the season you dread the most or there are some things about summer that don’t excite you. Are all the curvy girls with us on this one? What’s the one thing that puts a damper on all of our summer plans? Let’s say it in unison: chub rub. 

Chub rub, or thigh chafing, occurs when your bare thighs rub together for a long period of time, which causes irritation and pain. This can happen even in our favorite trendy plus size clothing like shorts, skirts, dresses and swimsuits. It’s extremely painful, and it could deter any fashionista from wearing cute summer styles and instead opting for a pair of jeans. 

This summer, we want you to reclaim your love for summer and all of the stylish outfits that come with it! That’s why we are sharing our most coveted tips for preventing chub rub, and we will also share some styles from our plus size online boutique that can help you stay chub rub free all summer long! 

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Biker Shorts and Maxi Dresses 

One of our favorite ways to embrace summer-approved plus size women’s clothing while also keeping thigh chafing at bay is with biker shorts. Now, we know that you can’t get away with biker shorts under a mini skirt or a pair of shorts, but that’s where plus size maxi dresses come in! Midi and maxi dresses can keep your outfit looking cute, keep you feeling cool and they will also hide the biker shorts that will keep you comfortable. This summer, biker shorts are a huge trend by themselves, which means you could totally wear these as a fashion statement while also saving your thighs big time!

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Thigh Guards 

If biker shorts feel too heavy and hot for you in the heat, we totally get it! There are individual thigh guards that you can slide over your legs to prevent your inner thighs from rubbing together, but if you’re using this method, you will want to keep a closet full of plus size midi dresses and maxi dresses to make sure you can keep the thigh guards covered. While these thigh guards are hit or miss because they can slide or roll down as you walk, they are a unique solution to mitigate chafing. 

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Pants Are Always an Option

If the damage is done and you are suffering from thigh chafing after a day of fun in the sun, you can always throw on some plus size jeans and a cute crop top to relieve your thighs. If it’s really hot outside, but you still want to wear plus size leggings, top your look off with a cute, lightweight blouse or a crop top to keep you cute and cool. 

Anti-Chafing Balm 

Since we can’t always wear styles that fall below our knees and allow us to wear anti-chafe shorts or biker shorts, finding an anti-chafing balm that you can glide onto your inner thighs will help you when you’re wearing outfits with plus size shorts. Research which thigh balms might be best for you as there are many brands out there and the formulations are all a little different. These balms are designed to coat your skin in a slippery film that prevents your skin from developing irritation or a rash–even if your thighs are constantly rubbing together. As the day goes by, you will hardly notice it’s there!

Apply Baby Powder 

If you love wearing short skirts and shorts, but you’re not a fan of sticky anti-chafing balms or sticks, you can always apply baby powder to your inner thighs. Make sure to pack your baby powder with you so you can reapply it as needed. You can also always keep baby powder on hand if you are ever in a bind!

At Chic Soul, we want you to live your best summer life wearing the styles and trends that you have been thinking about all year. So, we hope that this guide on how to prevent thigh chafing and chub rub was insightful. Here’s to an exhilarating, pain-free summer!