Distressed Jeans

Raise your hand if you own more jeans than any other kind of clothing in your closet? Well, you’re not alone. While we know that leggings are giving jeans a run for their money, we think jeans will always be a staple in women’s fashion. There are so many washes and fits when it comes to denim, but our go-to is a pair of plus size ripped jeans. This versatile style gives any outfit an effortlessly chic look with an added edge. Plus size distressed ripped jeans bring a little more personality than their traditional style counterparts. 

Every cool girl fashionista has a pair of plus size ripped knee jeans in her closet. And when you pair those with a plus size off the shoulder top–girl, you have a look! While traditional denim goes with everything, women’s plus size distressed jeans complete a look and add more dimension. These jeans are also very flattering on a curvy fashionista who loves to show a little skin!