26 of the Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes

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Have you been counting down the days until Halloween as soon as August was over? You are not alone, as we were, too! Halloween is a popular holiday and one of the most celebrated. Not only that, but Halloween also indicates the start of fall, one of our most favorite seasons of the year. And what’s not to love about fall? We especially enjoy the fashionable cozy clothes here at Chic Soul, as well as the one night a year where you can dress up and be anything or anyone you want to be! This brings us to Halloween costumes! What are you wearing this Halloween?

Dressing up for Halloween is such a fun time because you get to take a break from being who you are every day and dress up as someone or something else. It’s a fun time to experiment with different looks, makeup, styles and personas. 

When it comes to costumes, they don’t have to be as literal as you think. There are many different kinds of costumes, and they can range from scary to sexy or being simple to something that’s been highly thought out. What we are trying to say is that there is no wrong way to do Halloween. And you don’t always have to run out to your local costume store to try to find something to wear. A lot of times, you can create a fun and curve-hugging costume with the clothes that are already in your closet. You can also purchase cute plus size clothing for your Halloween costume that can also create outfits you’d love to wear this fall. 

At Chic Soul, we want to make sure that you have a fun and confident Halloween — however you choose to celebrate it! That’s why we have assembled a list of our favorite plus size Halloween costumes that will look amazing on your full-figured body type. From outfits that are funny and scary to looks that are empowering and sexy, we are sure that you are going to find your next Halloween costume, as well as future Halloween costumes, right here! 

Choose a Halloween Costume Theme

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, are you all about going the scary route with gory costumes and haunted houses? Or, do you prefer to wear a costume that’s daring and sexy? Below are some of our favorite Halloween costume themes to choose from that will help you zero in on a costume. 

favorite halloween costume themes

  • Scary – Halloween is all about being scary, right? If you love to channel terror and fright with your costumes, the scary theme might be perfect for you. Whether you make it gory or shocking, these costumes are always a hit. 
  • Comedy or Parody – The second most popular Halloween costume category has to be comedy and parody outfits. If you are a jokester or you love to make people laugh, you may want to try to create a Halloween costume that resembles a funny character or which creates a parody. 
  • Flirty– Flirty costumes have always been a popular option during Halloween. Flirty costumes are fun because they give you an opportunity to break out of your shell and dress up. If you are going for a flirty look or want to unleash your inner bombshell, try a flirty plus size costume. 
  • Group Costumes – If you’re getting together with your friends or colleagues for Halloween, you may want to consider dressing up as a group. Group Halloween costumes can resemble your favorite TV cast or something as silly as a box of crayons. 
  • Impersonator – Do you have a favorite celebrity or pop culture character that you want to impersonate for Halloween? If so, this may be the best way to try your take on your favorite character. 
  • Abstract – If you like dressing up but don’t want to lock yourself into a specific character or figure, you can always DIY your own costume to create something that is cool and abstract-looking. 
  • Classic Costumes – If you love the classic kitten, ghost or witch Halloween costume, you may love going for a more classic look. 
  • Superhero – Another popular theme for Halloween costumes is the superhero look. From Wonder Woman to the Power Rangers, superhero costumes are always a hit. This theme could also be great for large groups that want to match on Halloween. 

The Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Now, the moment you have been waiting for! Let’s talk about some of our favorite plus size Halloween costumes that are scary, silly, sexy and classic: 

1. Plus Size Mermaid 

Who doesn’t love mermaids? They are not only gorgeous, but Halloween costumes that have a mermaid theme usually incorporate sparkles and curve-hugging silhouettes. There are many mermaid costumes to shop for if you want to create your own, you could start by wearing plus size party dresses that have sequins and then going for a wet hair look. 

sexy cat plus size costume

2. Sexy Cat 

If you love wearing curve-hugging jumpsuits or bodysuits, the classic sexy cat or kitten costume is a great option to consider. This Halloween consists of an all-black jumpsuit that’s curve-hugging, and it can be elevated with faux leather leggings and a bralette. You can top off this look with cat ears and a little bit of face paint for whiskers. 

3. Plus Size Unicorn 

Everyone loves unicorns, and it just so happens that they make really great costumes! There are many ways you can create this look, but our favorite take on this trend is pairing a tutu with a plus size bodysuit and topping the look off with a unicorn horn and colorful makeup. 

4. Curvy Wonder Woman 

If you love comic books or superheroes, why not dress up as Wonder Woman? There is a variety of costumes you can purchase, or you can DIY the costume with clothing from your wardrobe. 

5. Cute or Scary Clown

If you aren’t afraid of clowns and you want to dress up as one, there is a variety of ways you can do so. You can either go for a scary clown look — think Pennywise — or you can dress up as a cute and friendly clown.

woman with clown nose prop

6. 1920s Flapper 

Flapper costumes take inspiration from the Roaring Twenties when women wore short, sequin dresses that were celebratory and glamorous. To create this costume, throw on a flashy sequin dress that hugs your curves and add a feather boa and a pair of heels to the look. 

7. Cheerleader

Whether you have a favorite sports team or you have always wanted to dress up as a cheerleader, this costume is an all-time favorite. Whether you buy a cheer leader costume or you thrift one, this look is definitely a showstopper. You could also put a sporty-er spin on this look by pairing some pom poms with a fun shirt and your favorite leggings.  

8. Poison Ivy

Do you love the color green? If green is your color, try the poison ivy costume. You can easily create this outfit with a green bodysuit and sexy tights, and then wrap leaves around your curves. Top off these with a makeup look that makes you feel confident! 

9. Devil and Angel 

If you want a look that’s both devilish and innocent, you can create a costume that shows your good side and bad side. There are costumes you can purchase to help you achieve this look seamlessly. Don’t forget to play it up with hair styles and makeup.

10. Gumball Machine 

If you love to get crafty, you can create really unique costumes with store-bought crafts. One of our favorite costumes that can be made with crafts is a gumball machine. You can glue multicolor pom poms to a crop top or bodysuit and pair it with a high-waisted red mini skirt. 

11. Disney Characters 

From Tinkerbell to a Disney princess, Disney characters make for great Halloween costumes that can always be recognized. You can even create your own take on a Disney character for a Halloween costume that is uniquely you. 

12. Your Favorite Animal 

Animals make for great costumes, as well. Think deer, bunnies, dragons, tigers and zebras. These costumes can be styled by wearing cute cheetah plus size tops or channeling a certain makeup aesthetic. 

wicked witch plus size costume

13. Wicked Witch 

Another classic costume that’s popular for Halloween is the witch look. You can wear black plus size maxi dresses and dress them up with a wicked witch. This costume is so versatile, and it can be dressed up and styled many different ways to create the witch look you have in mind.

14. Pirate 

Pirate costumes are a great option for Halloween because you can make them unique to you, and they are pretty easy to pull together by thrifting or shopping at a costume store. 

15. Vampire

If you’re going for a sexy and spooky look, the vampire aesthetic is the perfect way to achieve both looks. 

16. Ghostbuster 

Being a ghostbuster has never looked cuter! If you want to up the ante on this costume, have your friend or significant other dress up as a ghost. 

17. Harry Potter Character 

What’s your Hogwarts house? Dress up in a cloak and make sure to bring a wand for this costume that’s nostalgic and easily recognizable. 

18. Onesie Costumes 

If you want to keep it casual this Halloween, but you still want to dress up, try a onesie costume. Onesies come in many different styles, and you could find your favorite characters like Carebears and Monsters Inc., as well as any kind of animal you might like to dress up as. 

pink ladies embroidered jacket

19. Pink Ladies from Grease 

Feeling more nostalgic and want to give a nod to a throwback classic? Dressing up as the Pink Ladies from Grease is a fun costume that’s easy to put together in a pinch. All you need are some heels, black leggings or jeans and a satin pink bomber. Don’t forget a cute pair of bold sunglasses. 

20. Jessica Rabbit 

If you’re going for a sexy Halloween costume that shows off your curves, look no further than Jessica Rabbit. As a naturally curvy character, this is the perfect confidence-boosting Halloween costume. All you need is a sparkly red dress, a luscious side-swept hairstyle and some purple gloves to complete the look. 

21. Game of Thrones Characters

Who is your favorite Game of Thrones character? If you want to channel a strong female lead like Darnerys, you can dress up in one of her many looks. And don’t forget to tote around a stuffed animal dragon for some laughs. 

22. Freddy Krueger 

If you want to create a look that’s scary, but which also shows off your curves, try your take on a Freddy Krueger costume. Instead of creating a costume that’s too literal, wear a striped dress, a hat, some fishnets and heels. To top off the look and give it the ultimate Freddy Krueger vibe, make sure you get his signature knife claw. 

23. G.I. Jane 

If you’re someone who loves camo print and the opportunity to dress up like a tomboy, you’re going to love the G.I. Jane costume. You can pair a chic and simple top with your favorite pair of camo pants!

24. Athlete 

What’s your favorite sport? Whether you love football or baseball, you can put your own spin on your favorite athlete for Halloween. Make sure to incorporate your favorite jersey and some eyeblack. You can even carry around a bat, baseball, basketball or football to add to the look. 

25. Pop Culture Reference 

If you are big into pop culture, you may want to dress up and pay homage to a funny moment that happened over the past year. For example, some of the Halloween looks we expect to see are Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala outfit or Lola Bunny from Space Jam 2.

cruella deville plus size costume

26. Cruella DeVille

With the new Cruella movie out, this costume is sure to be a hit! You can either purchase a costume or create your own. The movie will have tons of looks to reference and give you inspiration!

Are you feeling inspired to have the most stylish and confident Halloween yet? These plus size Halloween costumes will be a sure hit, whether you’re staying in and handing out candy or heading to a party with friends. Remember, there really are no rules when it comes to dressing up for Halloween! So even if your costume isn’t on this list, we say go for it!


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