pants, long, skinny, frayed hemline, button waist, white, gray, snakeskin

Maybe Tomorrow Pants, Grey


pants, long, flare, elastic waist, khaki, white, striped

Everyday People Pants, Khaki


pants, long, bell bottoms, flare, taupe, white, snakeskin

Rock It Out Pants, Taupe


pants, bottoms, black, white, checkered, gingham, ankle length, skinny

Picnics In The Park Pants, Black


pants, long, wide leg, elastic waist, white, leaves, green, comfy

You Need To Palm Down Pants, Green


pants, long, wide leg, ruched waist, high waist, tie waist, taupe, black, leopard, comfy

Dreams Run Wild Pants, Taupe


pants, long, wide leg, elastic waist, tie waist, white, flowy

Vintage Romance Pants, Ivory


pants, loungewear, long, black, love, hearts, white, red, comfy, valentines

Heart To Heart Lounge Pants, Black


pants, loungewear, long, white, love, hearts, black, red, black cuff, comfy, valentines

Heart Afire Lounge Pants, Ivory


pants, joggers, drawstring waist, pockets, long, comfy, green, camo

Pretty Tough Lounge Pants, Army Green


pants, long, jogger style, drawstring waist, pockets, loungewear, comfy, red, white, poinsettia print, winter

Snowflake Season Lounge Pants, Red


pants, lounge, long, jogger style, drawstring waist, pockets, gray, red, reindeer, diamonds, christmas, winter, comfy

Chilly Reindeer Lounge Pants, Grey


pants, olive, solid, long, slit hem, stretchy, comfy

Working It Out Pants, Olive


pants, black, solid, flare, stretchy

Groovy Glam Pants, Black


pants, long, jogger style, drawstring, pockets, olive, white, tie dye, comfy, loungewear

It's Better Like That Pants, Olive


bottoms, pants, camo, camouflage, grey, tie waist, pockets, lounge

Where I Come From Pants, Gray


pants, joggers, gray, snake print, pockets, comfy

Out Till Dawn Pants, Heather Gray


It Was All A Dream Pants, Black

It Was All A Dream Pants, Black


pants, long, loungewear, wide leg, drawstring waist, gray, comfy

In Your Dreams Lounge Pants, Ash Gray



Most outfits are built around the style of pants we want to wear that day. And since bottoms play such a big role in the rest of our outfit, we have curated a flattering variety of plus size denim, leggings, jeggings and other styles of pants to make sure that you can express yourself and your style no matter the occasion. 

Chic Soul’s collection of plus size pants has everything you need to create a flattering and bold look. From plus size palazzo pants to moto leggings, these bottoms will give you a burst of confidence—not only because they are comfortable, but also because they hug every curve just right. Figure-flattery is our specialty, but we don’t skimp on style or comfort either. So indulge in our luxe and soft materials and find a pair of pants that speaks to your style!

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