7 Tried & True Styles for Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

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Do you associate your body with the shape of an inverted or upside-down triangle? If so, this style guide was made with your curves in mind! If you’re not quite sure which body type you have or you would like to verify whether or not you have an inverted triangle shape, let’s see what some common characteristics of this unique body type are. 

How Do I Know if My Body Represents an Inverted Triangle?

Think of an upside-down triangle. It’s wider at the top and smaller toward the bottom. If your body closely resembles that pattern, you may have an inverted triangle shape, but here are some other factors to consider:

  • Your shoulders are strong, beautiful and broad. 
  • Your bust is on the fuller side.
  • Your waist and legs are smaller or more narrow than your shoulders and bust. 

If you are having a hard time deciding if this resembles your body shape, you can always take your measurements and compare the numbers to get a more precise look. 

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Styles and Clothing Made for Inverted Triangle Body Shapes 

Now that you know that you identify with the inverted triangle shape, let’s talk about some of our favorite plus size clothing, trends and styles that make your figure pop! 

a full figured woman wearing a pink sands dress in light pink

1. Plunging, Deep or Button-Down Necklines – You have beautiful broad shoulders and a defined waistline, so let’s show it off and play up your natural figure with plunging necklines. Think about wearing tunic tops, deep v-neck t-shirts or a peplum top with a plunging neckline. These blouses open up your chest and elongate your neckline. 

a pair of dare to flare jeans in dark wash being modeled by a full figured woman

2. Wide-Leg Pants – If your goal is to balance out your figure and create the look of more dimension and volume on the lower half of your body, try wide-leg pants. These bottoms will give you an hourglass look while playing up your natural features. If you’re looking to volumize your lower half in order to balance out your figure more, stick to bright colors, bold prints and microprints. Having pants with a bold color or pattern will draw the eye down. And who doesn’t love a pair of power pants that makes you feel like you’re in the spotlight? 
a full figured woman sporting a dream date maxi dress in black

3. A-Line Dresses – If you want to define your waist and elongate your figure, wear dresses for broad shoulders like an A-line style. A-line dresses usually cinch at the waist and flare out toward the bottom, which balances out your figure, shows off your beautiful shoulders and makes your curves pop. 
a smiling full figured woman modelling a pair of mood ring jeans in light wash

4. Cropped Straight Jeans – You’re going to love how cropped straight jeans look on your body. These jeans fall just above the ankle and, while they may not have a dramatic, wide leg, the leg isn’t skinny or fitted. This will look great on your figure without adding too much volume like the wide-leg option. 
a full figured woman wearing a we got a love thing jumpsuit in black

5. Off-the-Shoulder Tops with a Peplum – If you love wearing off-shoulder tops, you’re going to love showing off your beautiful shoulders in a blouse that also has a peplum. Off-the-shoulder tops will highlight your shoulders, but you will want to find a blouse that either cinches at the waist or flares out into a peplum to make sure your midsection is defined. 

a full figured woman wearing an along the bay maxi skirt in navy

  1. Midi Skirts – Along with wide-leg pants, midi skirts will also help give you the illusion of an hourglass figure — if that’s what you’re aiming for. Pair a pleated midi skirt with a tucked-in or knotted graphic tee or silky tank top.

a full figured woman modelling a yacht stop dress in hot pink


  1. Halter Tank Tops with a Scoop Neck – Another way to highlight your shoulders while also creating a beautiful outfit is by wearing a halter scoop neck tank top or dainty tank top with a deep neckline. These tops frame your figure in such a beautiful way. You can pair them with jeans, skirts or shorts.

At Chic Soul, we believe that you should wear the clothes and trends that make you feel most confident and beautiful — even if it goes against the “rules.” Your style is uniquely yours! But these style tips are just here to help guide you in finding new fun styles that were made with your body in mind.  Whether you’re looking to play up or play down some of your features, these styles are going to look great at brunch, work or vacation or while you’re lounging around the house.