Common Plus-Size Fashion & Style Myths Debunked

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common plus size fashion myths debunked

It’s no secret that the fashion world and industry haven’t been the most welcoming of plus-size bodies—nor has society. Many plus-size women grew up learning and following rules around what they can and can’t wear. Women with curves have been told to wear clothing that slims and flatters them instead of embracing styles that excite them and make them feel beautiful. With the rise of the body positivity movement, most of these rules—what we would like to call “myths”—have been broken and are followed less now. Now, women of all shapes and sizes wear what they want regardless of what people, brands, and the fashion world tell them to do. 

And we love that full-figured fashion has evolved to fit and enhance plus-size bodies of all shapes and sizes. At Chic Soul, we believe that women should feel the clothes that bring them joy and make them feel confident and radiant. And that’s why we are debunking plus-size style and fashion myths! Because there should never be rules around what you wear. Are you ready to redefine fashion? Let’s do it!

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1. “Plus-Size Women Shouldn’t Wear Stripes”

We think this is one of the first rules we all learned as a plus-size woman. If we were to wear stripes, they needed to be vertical and not horizontal. Apparently, horizontal stripes make a figure look wider. And even if that’s true … who cares? Stripes are such a fun and bold pattern, and we believe women of all shapes and sizes should embrace them. 

2. “Only Wear Black Because It’s Slimming”

Well … that’s boring. What’s fashion and life without bold colors and stunning patterns and prints? Sure, we love an all-black ensemble, but we also love to create outfits that pair colors together in a way that creates a beautiful silhouette. We don’t believe that plus-size women should dress solely to slim their figures. We want women to enhance their curves and embrace them!

3. “Stay Away from Form-Fitting Clothing”

One of the myths we dislike the most is that plus-size women shouldn’t wear curve-hugging clothes. At Chic Soul, we love form-fitting dresses, jeans, and tops. We believe that plus-size jeans for women should be curve-hugging and contouring. With that being said, we also love flowy clothes that have a whimsical feel. 

4. “Avoid Crop Tops”

Girl! You better show your tummy some love! Plus-size women should feel free to show whichever part of their body they love most—even if that’s their tummy. 

5. “Don’t Ever Wear White”

If you haven’t caught on yet, most of these myths exist because they aim to shrink plus-size bodies, as well as make sure that plus-size women don’t make their bodies look larger than they are. And we think that’s bogus. Bodies of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and people can wear whatever they want. 

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6. “No Bold Prints”

Again, this rule is all about making sure that plus-size bodies blend in instead of standing out. And we think that’s crazy talk! Plus-size women should be able to wear all the prints and patterns—no matter how bold or bright. Plus-size tops for women are so much more exciting when they boast bold and brightly colored patterns. 

7. “Plus-Size Women Shouldn’t...”

Last, we would love to debunk the most important myth of them all. It starts with “Plus-size women shouldn’t ...” and the possibilities are filled with endless things that the world believes plus-size women shouldn’t do. At Chic Soul, we believe that plus-size women should be able to do and wear whatever they want. Their bodies deserve equal opportunities, clothing access, and attention. 

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Don’t ever let anyone’s rules dictate the way you dress or experience your body! You’re uniquely beautiful, and you should wear what excites you most. We hope debunking these myths with you has totally reframed the world in your eyes. The possibilities are endless, and you can truly lead your life the way you want to—starting with the clothes you wear. Here’s to no rules!