A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Holiday Dress 

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Do you hear that? It's the sound of the holidays rolling in! At Chic Soul, we are so excited for what the holidays mean for fashion. And we've spent a lot of the year planning holiday styles that not only make you look and feel festive but which are also flattering for your curves. From sequins to lace and everything in between, these holiday plus-size dresses will present you at your best! 

But how do you know which dress is right for your figure? Thankfully, we put together a style guide that will show you how to dress your curves this holiday season and find the perfect festive dress for you. Whether you like to keep your holiday plans chill or you want to Deck the Halls, we have the perfect dress for you!

Here For The Season Dress, Ash Purple

Velvet A-Line

An A-line dress single-handedly looks good on all plus-size bodies! You may have some A-line dresses in your closet from the summer season, but the holiday version of this style will be a little different. Because you’ll be wearing this dress during colder days, we think it's best to find a long-sleeve a-line dress that keeps you warm and makes you look stylish as ever. This dress could be black or you can opt for a jewel tone that looks great during the holiday season. We suggest a velvet fabric for this dress because it will give you the perfect holiday vibe. If velvet isn’t your thing, you can also wear a cotton dress and accessorize the dress with holiday accessories, a cute pair of heels, and maybe even a faux fur stole. 

For The Sake of Love Dress, Mauve

Pleated Midi 

Similar to the A-line dress, the pleated midi dress will also look great on everyone's figure. How you ask? Most pleated midi dresses are fitted on top, and then they cinch just below the bust, which is where the pleats start. This gives every figure a sleek and polished look but also elongates your figure. 

If you live in a region where it will be a little chilly, you can always top this dress off with a statement coat or a faux leather moto jacket—whichever one suits your vibe. As far as materials and fabrics go for this dress, we recommend getting a satin material or something that’s shiny like a slip dress. 

Slip Dress 

As we mentioned above, slip dresses can be a great option for this holiday season. Slip dresses have been very popular this past year and, as we move into winter, there are still so many opportunities to style these chic dresses. What is so great about this style is that it comes in a variety of lengths—from mini to midi and maxi—and each one is perfect for the holiday season. 

The slip dress usually has a loose-fitting silhouette that doesn’t hug your curves in any particular way. They rarely ever cinch at the waist or gather by a certain body part. So, if you're a fashionista who likes a more relaxed look, the slip dress is perfect for you. With that being said, you can always belt a slip dress to define your shape or add a cropped sweater over it to create an hourglass figure. 

You can also pair your slip dress with a coat that contours your figure. We love the slip dress for the holidays because it naturally looks really elegant. You could either create a monochromatic look with just one solid color or you can spice your outfit up with a printed slip dress—we're loving leopard as a neutral for the holidays! If you decide to wear a mini slip dress, you can pair it with over the knee boots and a long duster coat. For midi and maxi slip dresses, pair them with a chic and simple heel for an elegant look.

Embrace The Elegance Jumpsuit, Black

The Jumpsuit

While not technically a dress, we like to think of jumpsuits as being within the same category. If you are not a dress kind of girl, opt for a monochromatic jumpsuit that you can dress up with a pair of heels and some dainty gold jewelry. Jumpsuits are a style staple because they're very minimalistic and they don't take a lot of effort to style. Depending on the material and silhouette of the jumpsuit, many body types may not embrace this style. 

For example, apple shapes may find that they feel more confident in dresses for the apple shape rather than a jumpsuit. You could also make them work for many different occasions. So, no matter how high-strung or relaxed your holiday plans are, a jumpsuit may be your best friend! 

Dazzled Up Dress, Rose Gold

Party Dresses

Like us, have you also been planning for the holidays all year? If so, we're guessing you're probably a sequin kind of girl, and we are too! If you're ready to create a glam holiday look that will one-up your outfit from last year, plus-size party dresses are the best way to do it! From fitted lace to sequin dresses, you're sure to find your next holiday party dress at Chic Soul. Whether you like a dress that's full of sequins or you just like little sequin accents, sequins are always a good idea for the holidays. 

If you're intrigued by the sequin dress but you can't see yourself pulling off a garment full of sequins, accessorize with a sequin bag. What’s an additional plus of wearing a sequin dress for the holidays? They also make great New Years Eve outfits! If you want a look that’s going to help you create an hourglass figure, find a dress that cinches at the waist. For a looser fit, you could easily style a babydoll dress. On the contrary, if you want your holiday party dress to hug every curve, opt for a fitted bodycon style.

Story Ends Here Dress, Taupe

Sweater Dresses

Are your holidays all about relaxing and spending time with your family and friends? If so, you're probably going to love flattering sweater dresses! These dresses are so comfortable, and they hug every curve just right. They also come in a variety of lengths so that you can customize your look depending on the occasion. 

Sweater dresses highlight every curve on your body and look great on all body shapes because they come in many different styles. You could easily find a wrap sweater dress for the hourglass figure, an A-line dress for the apple figure, and an off-the-shoulder sweater dress for the pear shape. 

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

We hope you found inspiration in this style guide so that you can now get the holiday dress of your dreams! We bet you'll be the best dressed person at any holiday party or get together! Happy (almost) holidays!