How to Dress an Apple-Shaped Body

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Calling all of our apple-shaped queens to the stage! It’s all about you today as we will be sharing our most highly-coveted tips and tricks for dressing for your body type.

As plus size women, our bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Just because we fall into the category of “plus” doesn’t mean we all look the same. Many of us use fruits and shapes to describe our figures. For example, apple-shaped women have strong shoulder and torso areas and a full upper waist, bust and upper back. Their body closely resembles that of an apple.

If you aren’t sure what type of body you have, you may be wondering how to figure out if you have an apple figure or not. We put together some characteristics that most apple-shaped bodies share below. Check out these identifiers to see if you can relate!

Apple Shape Characteristics:

  • Are your hips and shoulders the same width? What about your waistline?
  • Do you have thinner arms, thighs and legs?
  • Are your hips wider at the top and more narrow toward the bottom?
  • Are your bust and midriff wider than your hips?
  • Do you have a shorter waist?

If you answered yes to some or all of these characteristics, you most likely have an apple-shaped body, which is wonderful! There are so many styles and fits that were made for you and your gorgeous figure! No matter which body type you have, styling clothing to accentuate curves is all about drawing the eye to wherever you want it to go by using certain fabrics, patterns, colors and layers. Shall we dive into the style guide made just for you?

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Dress It Up

If you love prioritizing dresses into your daily wardrobe, we have good news. Dresses look amazing on your body! Here are some flattering plus size dresses that will hug your curves in all the right places while making you feel confident and stylish.

Wrap–Plus size wrap dresses assist in creating an hourglass silhouette—if that’s what you desire—and depending on their length, they can also help elongate your figure.

Empire Waist–A dress with an empire waist can help create the illusion that your waist is higher than it is. It also gives you a dramatic look if you want to make an impact. 

Off the Shoulder–Apple-shaped women have strong shoulders, so show them off! If you want to try an even bolder approach, opt for a plus size off the shoulder dress with an asymmetrical hemline. Asymmetry drapes perfectly on apple-shaped figures.

Top It Off

Strut your stuff in these kinds of tops that were designed with your body in mind!know how to style your body type

Wrap–Similar to the wrap dress, try a wrap top with a plunging neckline. This style will work double-time to define your waistline and show off your collarbones.

Peplum–If you’re interested in creating an hourglass silhouette or adding some curves to less-defined areas of your midsection, try a peplum top. These blouses give definition and volume where you need them to and they are so chic and playful.

wanna rain check skinny jeans

Elongate Those Legs

When styling an apple figure, most women like to show off their legs with short hemlines and curve-hugging denim. Here are the best bottoms for your bottom!

High-Waist–Whether you choose skinny, boot cut, flare or straight-leg pants, always opt for a high-waist fit to create some definition at your waistline.

Asymmetrical and A-Line Skirts–A-line skirts don’t work on every body type, but they really come to life on apple-shaped women. Skirts with asymmetrical hemlines also stun for apple shapes, and they can be dressed up or down. Add in a high slit to highlight your legs and lengthen your figure.


Accessories can play a huge role in highlighting the parts of your body you love, while adding definition to the parts you would like to bring into the spotlight more often. Here are some heavy-hitting accessories you need.
Outerwear–Layering is a great way to enhance the apple shape while adding more dimension and definition to your body as a whole. Vest jackets and duster cardigans should be your best friends. Pair them with any outfit to create a versatile look that shows you know your stuff when it comes to style.

Belts–Whether you are wearing plus size skinny jeans or dresses, belts can better define your waistline. Belts are such a versatile accessory, and they really come in handy for apple-shaped women.

Heels–If you want to lengthen your figure, try to prioritize more heels into your looks—specifically, beige or skin tone-colored heels. Heels that match your skin tone may also help to elongate your figure, which can be really flattering for the apple shape.

Statement Earrings and Necklaces–One of the apple-shaped woman’s best assets is her neckline. What better way to show it off than with some statement earrings or necklaces that draw the eye in?

If you would love to learn more about how to style and dress your plus size body, visit our comprehensive style guide which will let you know how to style your body type!