How to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape

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How to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape

Hey, curvy girl! Are you looking for trendy full figured fashion that was made with your curves and figure in mind? If so, you have come to the right place! At Chic Soul, we are passionate about creating clothing that hugs every curve just right and leaves you feeling beautiful and confident! As a plus size fashion boutique, we realize that every body has its own unique shape and attributes. 

For example, the hourglass body shape is a figure that’s very common among curvier bodies. Hourglass figures usually have shoulders and hips that are the same width, with a narrow waist and a fuller bust and butt. This body shape gets its name because it closely resembles the shape of an hourglass. And since this figure is a common and highly desirable shape, we wanted to share our tried-and-true tips for dressing the hourglass figure! Here are some of the styles that we love for an hourglass shape — whether you want to emphasize your curves or wear more relaxed pieces.

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How to Accentuate a Plus Size Hourglass Shape
Good news: Most plus size fashion was made with your figure as the standard, which means so many styles will look great on your figure and fit you with ease. But here are some of our standout favorites for your curves: 

Embrace the Wrap or Tie Waist – Wrap dresses and trendy plus size dresses that feature a tie waist were made to give the illusion of an hourglass figure on bodies that have a straighter, less curvy figure. And this means that these styles not only accentuate your curves but emphasize or dramatize them too. Any style that is going to accentuate your waist will enhance your hourglass shape even more. 

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Belt or Knot Loose Clothing – If you want your figure to shine through in baggier clothes, you can add a belt to your waist or knot your shirts and dresses in the front or to the side to create a more curve-hugging look. If you don’t want to make your curves pop, and you’d rather wear a loose-fitting style, skip this and rock what you love to wear!

Style Fitted Jackets – When it comes to outerwear or wardrobe staples like blazers and cardigans, you will want to make sure that you stick to pieces that are more fitted and hug your curves just right. If you opt for a jacket or blazer that is too boxy and loose, you could drown your figure out. 

Avoid Wide Necklines – If you want to keep your proportions perfect, you may want to stay away from wide necklines like off the shoulder tops. This silhouette could make your top half look wider and broader, which could lead to throwing your proportions off. Instead, stick to necklines that fall just below your neck in an oval shape. 

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Embrace Curve-Hugging Pieces – Whether you are wearing comfortable tunic tops or a bodycon dress, your curves are going to shine through every look. By styling more curve-hugging pieces, you will be able to show off your curves and create outfits that give you an instant confidence boost. 

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High-Waisted Jeans Are Your Friend – When it comes to jeans, let’s be real: You can wear whatever style you want to! But, in our opinion, high-waisted skinny, flare and boyfriend jeans look stunning on your figure. This style hugs and contours your curves for a sleek and fabulous look. 

Sport Rompers that Cinch at the Waist If you want to spend your summer in cute plus size rompers, go for styles that cinch at the waist so you can highlight your figure instead of drowning it out. This is a fun style that you can dress up or down — depending on the occasion. 

Try One-Shoulder Dresses for a Toned-Down Look – If you don’t want to call any extra attention to your curves, and you’d much rather wear clothing that is flowy and loose, you can always de-emphasize your perfect proportions by opting for a one-shoulder top or dress. The one-shoulder look is chic and versatile, and it could give your figure a whole new look. 

Prioritize Tapering in Pants, Skirts and Dresses – Contour your curves with skirts, dresses and pants that taper. As opposed to a straight fit, tapered styles will hug every curve just right and won’t drown out your figure. Tapered pieces also look more high-quality, as if they were made especially for you. 

At Chic Soul, we believe in wearing the clothing that makes you feel the most confident — even if it defies what the style guides tell you. We want you to wearVisiture LLC the clothes that make you shine!