7 Best Pant Styles for Curvy Women

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Are you looking for your next favorite pair of pants? Well, you've come to the right place. As plus size women, it's good to know which pants feel and look the best on our curvy figures. And while the goal of this style guide is to show you which styles are the most flattering on more voluptuous figures, you don't necessarily have to only wear clothing that is flattering. At Chic Soul, we believe that every plus size woman should wear the clothes she feels absolutely radiant in, regardless of whether or not they abide by the “fashion rules.”

Depending on how you get dressed, you could say that the foundation to every good outfit is a great pair of pants. And that's why we think it's so important for plus size women to know which pants hug their curves in all the right places. Whether you're heading to work or on your way to hang out with friends, these pants will have you feeling confident and cool all day long.

Skinny Jeans

We believe that skinny jeans might be the most flattering type of pants a plus size woman could wear. These jeans contour every curve just right and they look good as a part of any outfit. If you're a fashionista who loves to show off your curves and highlight your best assets, dark- or light-colored skinny jeans and plus size ripped jeans will make your curves pop and boost your confidence. Also, if you're wondering how to make your legs look longer (NEED LINK), look no further because skinny jeans can do that for you. 

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Are any of us surprised? Leggings have been our best friend since they were reinvented and came back onto the scene in the early 2000s. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they're also flattering and form-fitting. Leggings smooth out and streamline the plus size figure, which is appealing if you like to layer longer tops and cardigans. 


If you're a fan of both leggings and jeans, you are going to love plus size jeggings! These pants are a hybrid between leggings and jeans, which give you a flattering look and a comfortable feel. Similar to leggings, the stretch that jeggings possess work to hug every curve just right so that you get the most curve-contouring look and shape.

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Tuxedo Pants

We like to think of tuxedo pants as the skinny jeans of the work world. Not only are these pants extremely flattering, but they look so good on plus size figures. If you spend a lot of your time in an office or going to conferences and trade shows, you'll want to keep tuxedo pants on hand because they are the secret key to confidence in the workplace. Tuxedo pants also come in a variety of fits so no matter your height or body shape, you can most likely find a style that's tailored just for you. 


If you love to flaunt your curves while feeling comfortable, joggers should be on heavy rotation.  Plus size lounge pants are usually high-waisted, which make our hips and butt look amazing. But then toward the bottom, joggers are more fitted at the ankle, giving our bodies a curvy silhouette. if you're looking for an ultra-flattering jogger, opt for darker colors and stay away from big patterns.

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Flare Jeans 

Plus size flare jeans are making a really huge comeback, which is great because they also look so good on curvy figures. Flare jeans may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they look especially great on women who possess hourglass, inverted triangle or pear-shaped bodies. Flare jeans can help balance out proportions, which is what makes this style a must-have for curvy girls. 

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High-Waisted Pants 

If you want a surefire flattering fit—no matter what—prioritize high-waisted pants. This style highlights your curves while cinching your waist to give you a natural hourglass shape. If you can find pants that have an embellished tie waist, it will also help you create that smaller waistline illusion. 

Now that you know which pants look best on your plus size figure, you can confidently go forth and find styles that you love. At Chic Soul, we stock our virtual shelves with a variety of flattering pants that cater to different plus size body shapes. Do you already have a favorite pair of pants or are you ready to try a new style? There are so many options out there—especially for plus size women. Remember: Whatever you feel most confident in is what will look best on you!