Shake Off the Winter Blues with These Plus Size Spring Fashion Tips

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Believe it or not, winter is almost over—spring equinox is set for March 19—and it’s time to start planning our spring wardrobes! This is such an exciting time as we come out of our heavy down coats and fantasize about the day we can embrace pastels and the idea that a cardigan is sufficient enough to be outerwear. 

Chic Soul’s plus size boutique is filled with on-trend styles for spring that will have you feeling refreshed and fierce. We can’t wait to start embracing bright colors and showing some skin! But what about the in-between weeks and months that feel like winter one day and spring the next? Add these pieces to your wardrobe that will not only prepare you for spring, but also the months in between! 

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Not Your Average Floral Print

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Except for this year, it totally is! Prepare to see florals unlike you have ever seen before in these styles. 

Pre-Spring–It can be tricky to get away with florals before spring when temperatures drop below 30 degrees, but instead of pulling your florals out too early, embrace sweatshirts or sweaters that boast a floral sleeve. It’s a unique take on the pattern, and it totally works for winter.

Spring Glory–When the sun finally decides to shine, go all out with plus size floral dresses. We love taking different floral patterns and mixing them to create a unique and show-stopping look. Don’t be afraid to take a new approach to florals!

Oversized Chic

Although you may be looking to shed bulky outer layers, the oversized sweater trend is here to stay for spring—think Ariana Grande. Plus size tunics and sweaters that are a little loose look great with curve hugging denim and leggings. What’s more, they are perfect for those days where the weather doesn’t know if it’s winter or spring. 

Keep it Neutral–The greatest thing about oversized sweaters for spring is that they also work for the chillier days. But if you’re stocking up on these plus size sweaters now, stick to neutral colors so you can embrace them during the tail end of winter.  

Add Contrast–While anything oversized may add unwanted bulk or volume to a curvy figure, you can still indulge in these comfortable trends by pairing oversized sweaters and tunics with denim or leggings that hug your curves just right. 

Show Some Skin

As the sun starts to show more and outer layers begin to shed, tap into your divinity and sexy side by throwing some plus size off the shoulder tops into your wardrobe. These tops work perfectly for both winter and summer, depending on how you style them! 

For Winter–During the chillier days, opt for an off the shoulder sweater. These cozy pieces ensure you stay warm, while also indulging in a style that makes you feel radiant.

For Spring–Whether you are enjoying warmer temperatures or taking a trip to somewhere beachy, embrace spring to the fullest with ruffle off the shoulder tops that pair well with jeans, skirts or shorts. 

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But What About Bottoms?

The transition from winter to spring can be a very confusing time when it comes to planning out what to wear. It’s too cold for skirts and shorts, but you’re feeling antsy about wearing denim all winter long. Our advice? Invest in some new plus size denim that makes you feel excited and may be a little more appropriate for spring. 

Destroyed Denim–Ripped denim is a no-go for winter since it can expose your skin to harsh temperatures, but for those in between months, these jeans are perfect. They add an edge to any look and they even look cute with off the shoulder sweaters and florals. 

Jeggings–If you’re finding average denim to be too warm for the first couple of weeks of spring, opt for some jeggings that are comprised of thinner materials. 

Leggings–In our opinion, leggings are perfect for every season, not only because they are comfortable, but because they are so versatile. While we love classic black leggings, try embracing brighter colors or patterns to welcome spring. 

Whether you’re embracing winter or looking forward to spring, these trends will cover both seasons, ensuring that you feel prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw your way. Here’s to florals, comfort and looking extremely chic! 

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