The 5 Best Dresses for a Pear-Shaped Body

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This style guide is for all of our pear-shaped goddesses! Do you identify your body having a pear shape? The average woman in the U.S. is plus size, but that doesn’t mean that all of our bodies are the same. We are all built differently and our figures vary from person to person. To help women identify which clothes are most flattering to them, the fashion industry has coined body descriptions that resemble fruit, like a pear. 

But how do you know if you’re a pear? Check out some of the descriptions below and see if any of them resonate with you. 

  • Are your hips wider than your shoulders?
  • Is your waistline smaller than your hips or well-defined?
  • Are your booty and thighs full and round?
  • Do you tend to carry your weight in your thighs?
  • Are your shoulders round? Do you notice that they slope?

Did you answer yes to most of the above questions? If so, congratulations! You’re a pear—and might we add that your figure is totally stunning! Today, we want to help you find the plus size boutique dresses that hug your curves just right and make you feel confident and radiant. 


The A-line dress was made for you! This fun and feminine style cinches just below the bust or at the waist and then blossoms out toward the bottom, which further emphasizes your curvy shape. Our plus size boutique is filled with A-line dresses that boast bold prints and colors that will turn heads. 

someday swoon dress blue

Maxi Dresses with a Slit

Plus size maxi dresses that have a high slit will have you feeling sexy and confident all day long. While you can certainly wear a dress that is looser in fit or doesn’t cinch at the waist, if you want to highlight your beautiful curves, prioritize maxi dresses that have that A-line fit or somehow bring some emphasis to your waist. 

oh so pretty maxi dress green

Off the Shoulder

If you want to balance out your bottom half, opt for a plus size off the shoulder dress. Showing your shoulders will balance out your proportions and add some symmetry. You can either wear this style in the form of a loose-fitting maxi dress or you could find a dress that has more of a body con fit to highlight your curves.

learn to love yourself olive green

The Wrap Dress

Luckily, the wrap dress looks good on everyone, but especially on the babes with pear-shaped figures! Because these dresses tie at the waist, the material hugs your curves perfectly and will bring emphasis to your waist. If you love showing off your curves, this dress is for you! Spice this look up with bold prints and bright colors.

show me the ring dress in dark purple

The Bodycon

Similarly to the wrap dress, the bodycon style is going to emphasize your curves and make your figure pop. If you love to play up your curves and show them off, try a bodycon fit in either a midi, maxi or mini fit. Invest in neutral colors so that you can easily dress these styles up for any occasion. As fall comes around, you’ll also be able to keep these styles in your closet and cozy them up with chunky knits and sweaters.

stay classy dress lavender

At the end of the day, we here at Chic Soul want you to wear what you love—whether your figure resembles a pear or an apple. We know that if the clothes fit right and excite you, your confidence will soar! So indulge in the styles that make your heart sing! Did you love learning about the perfect plus size dresses for pear figures? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to dress and style a pear-shaped figure.