10 Best Colors to Wear for Photos

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Do you have a fun photoshoot coming up on your calendar? If so, it’s time to start planning your photoshoot outfit ideas. But more importantly, let’s talk about the colors that pop on camera. Not only do you need to start styling a look that makes you feel confident and beautiful, but the color is also something that should be considered. 

Depending on where you are taking your photos, you will want to make sure that the colors you wear don’t clash with the background or seem out of place. For example, if you’re going to be in front of a bright background, it’s probably not a good idea to wear bright colors, as the colors may take the attention away from you. But if you’re going to be posing in front of a more neutral background, a cute tie dye dress will make you stand out. To help you decide on the perfect color and styles to wear during your next photoshoot, use this guide to see what will work best for you!

The Best Colors to Wear for Photos

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1. Beige 

Neutrals are always a great idea when it comes to taking photos. Wearing a neutral color like beige will allow you to take photos anywhere. If you are going to be standing against a busy, dark or colorful background, wearing a beige dress or blouse will look great. 

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2. Mint

We love subtle and muted colors for any kind of photoshoot because while they make a statement, they rarely ever clash with your background or setting. This is a color that looks great on everyone’s skin tone and adds a fresh pop of color. 

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3. Black

Are you hoping to capture a moody photo or something that looks more high fashion and editorial? You can never go wrong with an all-black ensemble like a black maxi dress paired with heels. Black outfits are great against neutral or charcoal-colored backgrounds. If you aren’t interested in creating an all-black look, try a pair of jeans with a black tank top or sweater. 

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4. Gray 

If your photo shoot involves more people than just yourself, you may want to have everyone color-coordinate with a charcoal or light gray. A gray top with a pair of blue jeans or black jeans looks great on everyone. And you can top your cute look off with brown booties. So if you have family or friend photos coming up, stick with gray! 

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5. Navy 

Similar to gray, navy is also a great color to wear for any group photography you will be participating in. This color goes well with many backgrounds and looks great on everyone!

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6. White 

White-colored clothing can cause some complications when it comes to lighting and white balance; however, it’s a great color to wear for certain environments. If you’re taking beach photos or aiming for a look that’s more minimal, white is your color. 

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7. Burnt Orange 

Planning a photoshoot in foliage or going for a fall vibe? If so, you’re going to love how burnt orange looks on you and comes through in the photos. 

8. Mauve 

Mauve is not only one of our favorite colors of all time, but it’s also an extremely versatile color to wear during a photoshoot. The blush undertones of mauve will look great on your skin and make your skin tone pop in the photos. 

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9. Baby Blue 

Similar to mint, baby blues make a great color to take photos in. They are subtle and versatile while also not clashing with different backgrounds. Whether you sport a baby blue sweater or tank top, you can easily pair the look with jeans and dainty gold jewelry.

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10. Aqua

If you’re shooting against a neutral background, bring your photos to life by wearing a vibrant aqua color. You can pose in front of white or beige backgrounds to stand out. 

Get ready to look fabulous in your next photoshoot! These colors will make you feel confident while also making you look stunning!