Creative Plus Size Photoshoot Ideas to Spruce Up Your Social Media

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Have you been scrolling through Instagram idolizing your favorite social media influencers and stars lately? Trust us, we are right there with you! We love how thoughtfully curated their social media profiles are and how their candid photos look like they belong in the pages of a magazine. But the truth behind the photos is that many influencers—like the ones we label as #goals—direct, create, set up and model in these photoshoots all by themselves. And if they can do it, why can’t we? 

Whether you want to become an influencer and you want to spruce up your social media profile,  or you just got done shopping at your favorite plus size online boutique and want to show off your new threads, use these pointers to capture eye-catching photos. 

young full figure model

Crafting the Right Outfit and Pose

What do most pictures on social media that get a lot of likes have in common? The fashion, baby! A great outfit can garner many likes and stop someone dead in their tracks while mindlessly scrolling. 

The Right Look–Learn how to dress for your body type to find clothing that will boost your confidence so that you will come through looking as radiant as ever in the final photos. If you need to hit up a plus size Afterpay boutique to get some photoshoot ready outfits, we’ve got you!

What to Do with Your Hands–As you start to pose for these photos, you’ll notice that you might feel awkward or don’t know how to pose. Take a page out of your favorite influencer’s book and emulate the way they pose. You could have your hands on your hip or running them through your hair as you look off into the distance. The pose is just as important as the outfit!

full figure woman wearing fall sweater

Creating Your Own Photo Studio

When it comes to finding the backdrop for your photo, the world is your oyster! Let’s explore some places that could serve as inspiration. But first, you’ll need a camera and a tripod or your phone and something small to stand it up against. You can use the self-timer function on both your phone or your camera to be behind the lens and in front of it at the same time. 

Mirror, Mirror–There is a trend on TikTok where you take a full-length or medium-sized mirror outside and snap a mirror selfie. It may seem strange, but because the mirror will reflect light, the photos turn out magical looking. Play with different angles and poses for unique photos. 

Plants–Plants make incredible backdrops or props for any photoshoot. So whether you are indoors or outside, find a way to work some foliage into your photo. 

Street Art–Is there a painting or mural you drive by every day? Next time, hop out and take a photo in front of it. (Tag the artist for some extra social media exposure!)

Couch Potato–While experimenting with different backdrops, don’t forget to experiment with stance and angles. If you have a cool looking couch, sit on the arm or the back of the couch instead of how you would usually sit for an unexpectedly cool photo. 

Bed Sheets–If you want to create a whimsical photo, hang up some white bedsheets—any color will work, but white reflects the best lighting—set your phone camera up a couple of feet away and pose under the suspended sheets. Trust us–the photo will look cooler than it sounds. 

Home Inspo–Look for two walls in your home, one with absolutely nothing on it and another one that’s cluttered with trinkets or picture frames. For the plain wall, place a plant on the foreground against the wall, but have it just barely peeking into the frame and then pose in front of or against that wall. For the wall that’s cluttered, stand a couple of feet away from it when you snap your photo, which will give you a more shallow depth of view, blurring the wall in the back.

Posting Strategies

Sure, going to the effort of creating and starring in your own photoshoot is fun in itself, but when you post the photo you worked so hard to create, you’ll want it to get the attention it deserves. 

Tell Your Color Story–Make sure you have a color story that pops–whether your outfit boasts bright colors or you apply an orange or blue filter to your photo. Studies show that people on social media react more to photos with a hint of blue.

Capitalize on a Trend–If you’re looking for a little viral moment, put your spin on a popular trend. For example, plus-size tie-dye shirts and tops are very trendy right now. If you were to style and photograph yourself in plus size tie-dye dresses, you would be doing something unique, while also gaining the traction of a movement.
Do Your Research–Look up hashtags that have to do with your photo or the people you want to reach with your new picture and paste them in the comment section of your new post. 

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