How to Dress for Your Body Type and Show Off Your Best Assets

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As the fashion world becomes more inclusive of plus size figures of all shapes and sizes, we are starting to see more silhouette options than ever before. That’s such a great thing because most American women are considered plus size, which means the plus size body isn’t just one shape or height. 

At Chic Soul, we are strong believers that plus size women should have access to the styles they love the most, while being able to wear clothing that makes them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a flattering style that hugs your curves just right or hoping to branch out and try a daring silhouette, our plus size boutique has the on-trend pieces you need in your life! 

Since there are so many options, we have put together a guide that can help you determine which styles work best for your body. We also provide you with inspiration for other silhouettes that will have you feeling spontaneous with your style! These cute clothes for plus size women are style game-changers that will instantly boost your confidence and flatter your figure. 

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Women with an apple-shaped figure usually have shoulders and hips that are the same width with thinner arms, thighs and legs. Check out our style guide for apple-shaped figures to better determine if you have an apple figure.

Dresses–Dresses look amazing on apple-shaped figures because they hug your curves just right and elongate your body. For an ultra-flattering fit, prioritize plus size wrap dresses to create an hourglass silhouette. If you love a looser fit, opt for a babydoll mini dress to show off those legs! 

Tops–If the apple shape resonates with you, you probably have strong, beautiful shoulders. So show them off with cute plus size off the shoulder tops. Plus size wrap tops—similarly to their dress counterparts—will also create a very flattering silhouette for you! If you are striving for an hourglass figure, try a peplum top for a dramatic style that looks amazing for any occasion.

Bottoms–You can’t go wrong with plus size high-waisted denim and asymmetrical skirts. These garments will elongate your figure, giving you an extra dose of confidence.

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If your hips are wider than your shoulders and your waistline is well-defined with full thighs and a round booty, your body is pear-shaped! Check out our style guide for pear-shaped figures

Dresses–If you love dresses, try a fit and flare style to contour your curves and flatter your figure. You have got beautiful curves, and you don’t want to hide them in dresses that are too flowy, which is why wrap dresses also look amazing on you. 

Tops–As a pear, the top half of your body is usually smaller than the bottom half, which creates great contrast. But if you want a blouse that balances you out, try styling dolman sleeve tops, which add volume to your upper body, or a blouse with a boat neck to broaden your shoulders. 

Bottoms–Depending on which areas of your body you would like to highlight, you have so many options for flattering bottoms. The bootcut or flare fit can help balance your hips out and give you more symmetry, while skinny jeans will help you play up and draw emphasis to your curves. 

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If you have an hourglass, your body’s curves follow that of a Coke bottle or an hourglass. You’re curvy on top and bottom. And we have good news: there are many styles made particularly to flatter and enhance your figure!

Dresses–If you’re looking to draw attention to your beautiful curves, stick to dresses that cinch at the waist—like a wrap dress or form-fitting maxi. If you also like wearing something a little more freeform, top the dress off with a belt at the waist to accentuate your curves.

Tops–Fortunately, plus size fashion was made with your body type in mind, so there aren’t many things that don’t flatter your figure. However, when wearing loose clothing that doesn’t cling to your curves, like plus size tunic tops, add some dimension by doing a French tuck or tucking and tying part of your shirt. 

Bottoms–High-waist bottoms are the most complimentary for an hourglass shape because they really define your figure and contour your curves. Skinny jeans also work to your advantage to hug every curve just right, and they pair well with just about anything. 

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