6 Genre-Inspired Plus Size Concert Outfits

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While concerts happen year-round, they’re most fun in spring and summer as outdoor venues open up and music festivals make their rounds to major cities around the world. If you have big concert plans on your horizon, we have one question for you...What are you wearing? If you’re a “one outfit fits all” kind of gal, great! Choosing an outfit will not be the most difficult part of attending a concert. And for you, we recommend your favorite pair of plus size jeans and a T-shirt, dressed up with accessories like a hat, chunky necklace, or fun earrings and chic, comfortable shoes. However, if you’re an outfit planner who loves dressing for a theme, let us entertain you with this concert style guide! 

Yes, you’re going to enjoy your favorite music, but dressing for concerts can be a tricky and challenging feat. You want to balance both your personal style with a ‘fit that reflects your environment. And you probably want to look stunning while also feeling comfortable and confident enough to take on whatever the day or night surprises you with. Your outfit not only says a lot about you, but it also determines your confidence level! And studies show that you’re not the only one putting a lot of importance on what to wear to a concert. In fact, studies show musicians are also under a lot of pressure to dress the part to convey the true expression of their music.

Depending on the genre of music you’re going to enjoy, we have selected some outfits that will not only blend in with the sound, but also help you stand out among the crowd. Get ready to slay and dance. This concert season is yours to conquer! 

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Music Festival

If you’re headed to an outdoor music festival or alternative concert, you may want to wear flowy pieces that are whimsical--such as a light kimono--and flow with the wind. Think Woodstock vibes but in 2020. 

  • Tie-Dye–Let’s point out the obvious. You need a good plus size tie-dye dress for the festival season. They work so well with the outdoor music scene. Whether you are trekking through the grounds of Lollapalooza or lounging on a grassy hill while your favorite indie band plays, tie-dye dresses were made for concerts like these!
  • Can’t Go Wrong with Denim–We think it’s true that denim could be a staple for every type of concert but especially for these chill, more laid-back concerts. Pair denim with your favorite crop-top, a sweater or a cardigan and you have yourself the perfect, minimal concert look. 

country concerts dress graphic


Hey country girl, it’s time for a hoedown. Well, maybe not exactly... but you get the point. Time to put on your favorite dress and some cowboy boots so you can confidently get down to your favorite country tunes. 

  • Denim, Denim and more Denim–Do you have a look that’s entirely made up of denim? We’re talking denim dresses, jumpsuits and the famous Canadian Tux. At a country concert, you’ll never feel like you’re wearing too much denim. Now’s the time to whip out that jean dress or jumpsuit that you haven’t known when, how or where to wear it. If you’re not a fan of the all-blue get-up, a pair of jean shorts or pants with a white cropped tee will do! 
  • Flowy Hems–Summery dresses that sport floral prints, paisley or plaid are perfect for a country get-together. When selecting a dress to enjoy some classic country in, find something that’s flowy, fun and would look amazing with a pair of cowboy boots. 
  • Sweater Weather–For those outdoor night concerts, you may want to opt for a sweater and your favorite pair of jeans. Go for an off the shoulder sweater to spice up the look!

Hip Hop and R&B

If you like your beats high and your bass low, these outfits are for you. Hip hop concerts are a great place to chill and vibe with the music, but you never know when you’ll be called on to show your dance moves. These outfits will make you feel confident and sexy. 

  • Curve hugging dresses–Don’t be afraid to show off those curves during a hip hop concert. You’ll fit in just fine! Find your favorite party or cocktail dress and hit the scene with your curvalicious self! 
  • Dress it Down–Not feeling a bodycon for this hip hop concert? Opt for a pair of plus size jeggings. These jeans will hug every curve just right while making you feel confident, but they will also be comfortable to dance in. No matter which concert you’re attending, jeggings are always the way to go if you’re not sure what to wear! 
  • Crop it–If you’re feeling confident, pair your favorite pair of high-waist skinny jeans with a cropped top. This look will have you feeling adventurous and ready to have a great time. 
  • All in One–We think this hip hop concert outfit staple is also ideal for any other type of musical festivities you may be partaking in soon! Plus size rompers and jumpsuits are an all-in-one solution to creating an outfit that’s both a statement and a confidence booster. They are super-easy to style and can range from sexy to practical. Where are you on the spectrum? 
  • Athleisure All the Way–If there is any kind of concert where you can get away with wearing sweatpants or your favorite sports hoodie, it’s a hip hop one. Pair sweatpants with peep-toe heeled ankle boots and a cropped hoodie or a crop top–or take your favorite hoodie and pair it with some fitted jeans that make you feel like a bombshell. 

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If you’re a Top40 girl and you’re on your way to see Dua Lipa or Ariana Grande, this outfit inspo is for you! Grab the trendiest items in your closet and splurge on the hottest new arrivals because you should look like you just stepped off the pages of a magazine! 

  • Neon Realness–Now’s the time to embrace bright colors—and lucky for you, they’re totally in! Whether you want an outfit that’s bright from head-to-toe or just tiny accents that bring emphasis to your look, you’ll stand out in neon. 
  • Oversized Sweater–Just like Ariana, you need an oversized sweater and some knee-high boots to get this party started. Oversized sweaters can be great for outdoor concerts. Pair them with fitted jeans or leggings for a look that’s both comfortable and flattering. 
  • Romp it Up–Jumpsuits and rompers will fit right in with this crowd. Don’t be afraid to layer these looks with chic cardigans for outdoor concerts! 
  • Go Moto–If you’re excited for the concert, but not too excited about dressing up, pair plus size moto leggings with a cute top. These leggings can give your look that extra edge it needs to be a stunner—and you didn’t even have to try hard!

nowhere to hide overalls

Rock and Alternative

Hey, rocker chick! If you’re on your way to jump into the mosh pit and headbang, your outfit needs to be practical, but it should also pack a punch—just like your personality! Style these edgy classics for an unforgettable look. It’s common knowledge that the staple to any rocker chick look is a pair of destroyed plus size black jeans and a band t-shirt. But if you’re looking to spice it up, here are some accessories and outfit pairings which will give you that extra confidence boost.

  • Not Your Average Jeans and Tee–Throw a plus size graphic tee into the mix and tie it in the front to give the outfit an edge as well as flatter your figure. Making a t-shirt into a crop top by tying it can actually be a really flattering look for plus size figures, and it can turn the classic look from boring to sexy. 
  • Top it Off–Hats are so underestimated these days but can be a total game changer for this kind of look. Top off your look with a wide-brimmed hat for a laid-back, rocker chick vibe. 
  • Let Your Shoes Do the Talking–If you usually opt toward more simple or classic looks, add some emphasis with your shoes! Of course, these kicks need to be extremely practical and comfortable so that your feet aren’t aching during your concert, but they should also be vibrant and fun. We’re thinking bold prints like cheetah or ankle boots with studs! 
  • All Out Animal–If there is one place to embrace snakeskin, leopard or any other kinds of animal print, it’s at an alternative or rock concert. Put your own spin on the print with leopard print overalls or snakeskin print leggings to create an outfit that’s sure to turn heads. 

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Classical and Symphony 

If you love attending classical music concerts or symphonies, you’ve probably noticed that the attire worn to these gatherings isn’t as casual as any rock or country concert. While we suggest looking up the dress code for concerts like this—as different venues may have strict guidelines—here are a few style pointers for the fashionista who’s crazy about classicals. 

  • Casual but Sleek–Most symphonies and classical concerts have a casual dress code; however, it’s recommended that you still look put together. To achieve this, we recommend keeping your outfit simplistic or minimal and monochromatic. If you want to add some color, it’s best to stick with something muted or neutral, like a plus blush size maxi dress.
  • All-Black Everything–You can never go wrong with a black ensemble, especially when you are attending a fancier concert. Pair black jeans with a black sweater and add a fun leopard belt or statement necklace to keep your style true to yourself! 

Unless the concert you are attending has a strict dress code—which isn’t typical—there really are no rules for concert style. It’s important to always dress in a way that feels true to you, flatters your figure and makes you feel the most confident. And, of course, borrow style tips from different genres to create a standout look. But remember, you’re there for the music, not the fashion—or maybe you are–so either way, try to enjoy the sounds, the company and yourself! P.S. It might also be a good idea to check the dress code for the particular venue where you are attending the concert as sometimes they may have dress codes! Rock on!