6 Plus Size Graduation Outfits for Every Style

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 Congratulations, graduate! You’re probably very busy planning your big walk across the stage, an after-party or the rest of your future. But have you thought about the outfit you’ll be wearing to your graduation? Sure, you’ll be wearing a black gown during the ceremony that will probably hide whatever outfit you have on underneath, but that doesn't mean you should just settle for a lackluster outfit. It’s your big day, and your style should reflect that!

Whether you have big plans after graduation or not, we’ve created grad looks for every style that will have you feeling confident as you walk across the stage—because let’s be real, that walk can be intimidating!

Stand Out With Spots

If you plan to wear your graduation gown as more of a cardigan for photos—first of all, good call—you’ll want a graduation look that pops through that long, black gown.

Party Dress–A leopard print dress is the complete opposite of your graduation gown, and it will offer quite the contrast as it peeks through. If you have big celebration plans after, you’ll be party-ready in animal print.

party in the back dress stone

The Practical Grad

If you’re just ready for school and this ceremony to be over, but still want to look polished, we’ve got you! This outfit suggestion could also be great if you plan to pull a big stunt—like dancing—on stage as you accept your degree or diploma!

Sleek Pants–If you want your look to be more casual, but would rather not wear jeans, opt for some plus size faux leather leggings or black skinny jeans. Both of these staples are easy to dress up or down, depending on what you have planned for the day.

Romp it Up–Whether you’re graduating inside or outside, plus size rompers and jumpsuits also make the perfect practical grad outfit that’s still very stylish.

Comfort Is Key–Since there will be a lot of walking, sitting and standing, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible, but instead of styling a tracksuit underneath your grad gown, opt for a jersey plus size maxi dress. You can easily dress this look up or down, too.

call your bluff jumpsuit

Graduate Chic

If you have a photoshoot with family and friends after you graduate, and you’re looking for a chic outfit that says, “I just graduated, and I am ready to take on the world,” we have the perfect dresses in mind.

Meet in the Middle–If you’re not feeling a mini party dress for your graduation look, but also want something that’s a little more elevated from a maxi dress, opt for plus size midi dresses! Whether you like a curve-hugging, straight fit or a ruffled wrap dress, you can’t go wrong with wearing a midi on graduation day.

Sleek and Polished–If dresses aren’t your thing, style an all-black outfit, made up of plus size black skinny jeans and a chic blouse or crop top. Accessorize with a statement belt or a dainty necklace. While simple, this look is ultra classy and will have you feeling sharp and beautiful!

liftin me up dress burgundy

The Perfect Grad Shoes

We’ve all seen it. The girl who creeps across the stage slowly or even trips because she decided to wear high heels. You want to feel as confident and carefree as possible on your graduation day which is why your shoe selection may be the most important decision you make all day.

Wedges–Super cute wedges are always a great choice because they are practical and easy to walk in. When selecting a pair you love, make sure the wedge height is comfortable enough for you to walk in.

Low Heel–Block heels that are shorter than two inches are always comfortable and relatively easy to walk in. Avoid stilettos unless you are a pro at walking in them! Studies show that heels do boost confidence in women, so if you feel comfortable and need an extra boost of bombshell, add these into your look!

Sneakers–Who says you can’t wear sneakers to graduation? While this might be the most practical option, it may not fit in seamlessly with a dress or more formal attire. However, if you’re keeping things casual, this is the way to go.

Whether you decide to dress it up or down, cherish this day because you deserve to celebrate this huge accomplishment. And remember: When you look good, you feel good! So if you are feeling nervous about the big walk, put together an outfit that makes you feel unstoppable. Congratulations!