11 Genius Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

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Hey, curvy girl! If you’re looking to turn your style up a notch, reinvent some pieces you have in your wardrobe or find some style inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will be discussing the fashion tips and hacks that every plus size woman needs to keep, as well as some staple pieces to help you maximize your wardrobe. 

First things first: At Chic Soul, we believe that you should wear whatever gives you the most confidence. Whether it defies the law of flattery or not, if you feel good in it, we love it. These tips will help you elevate your current wardrobe while enhancing your confidence. 

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Stock Up on Basics 

It’s important for every curvy fashionista to have a plethora of basics on hand. We’re talking maxi dresses, little black dresses, a good pair of leggings and T-shirts that hug every curve just right. Having a plus size capsule wardrobe will allow you to create endless looks as you weave in trendier accent pieces like a leather moto jacket or plus size floral kimono for special occasions. 

limitless possibilities kimono aqua

Stretch Is Key

Next time you’re shopping at your favorite plus size boutique, prioritize clothing that has high spandex or stretch content. You want to feel your best in clothing, which means you need looks that are going to hug every curve just right and move with your body throughout the day. 

Belt it Out

If you want to define your curves while wearing loose dresses or blouses, don’t be afraid to throw a belt into the mix. Whether it’s a statement belt or something simple, these accessories will contour your curves! 

meridian authentic suede belt

Invest in Good Undergarments 

From dainty plus size bralettes to structured shapewear, a curvy girl could never have enough. Shapewear will come in handy when you decide to wear bodycon dresses and a cute bralette will go perfectly under a T-shirt or a blouse with a plunging neckline. 

For the Days You Don’t Feel Like Dressing Up

Keep stunning plus size kimonos in your closet for the days when you don’t feel like dressing up. No matter what you’re wearing underneath, a kimono can spice up any look, making you feel fierce and confident. 

The Best Denim Ever

A curvy girl must-have is a good pair of skinny jeans. They have to have the right amount of stretch so you can live in them all day. Skinny jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, and you can dress them up or down for all occasions. 

All About the Shoes

Keep a pair of wedges and low heels in your shoe collection to elongate your figure—no matter what outfit you're wearing. Sometimes all an outfit needs is a little extra height to balance out proportions. 

All Black Everything

If you are ever at a loss for inspiration while you’re getting dressed and you aren’t sure what to wear, create an all-black look. A black outfit is sleek and sharp—always—and it’s extremely flattering. You could be wearing black leggings and a black off the shoulder sweater, and it will look luxurious. 

sweetly simple dress in black

Know Your Silhouette 

If you’re unsure about what styles look best on your body type, learn how to dress your body type so that you can play with proportions. If you want to show off your curves, balance a loose garment with a fitted one. For example, an off the shoulder ruffle top would pair perfectly with a pencil skirt or a pair of fitted skinny jeans. This contrast allows you to highlight certain parts of your body while flattering the rest. 

Try on Different Sizes

Many women give the number on a sizing tag huge importance. However, thanks to vanity sizing, you may wear a different size at every single store or brand you like. Unfortunately, the fashion industry does not have standards around sizing, which is why you shouldn’t be concerned with the number on a sizing tag. Allow yourself to try on different sizes and focus on the fit of the garment instead of the number. This will ensure that you buy clothing that fits you perfectly every time. 

Never Shy Away From a Trend You Love

This might be the most important style tip we can give you: Wear what you love! Don’t ever hold yourself back from embracing a trend or style because you don’t think it was made for your body or figure.