The Psychology of Dressing Well: Why You Should Dress Up While WFH

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When you work from home, what’s your go-to look? Remote employees are often stereotyped as wearing pajamas or sweatpants all day. And while that’s a fine work from home uniform, there may be a telecommuting dress code that could skyrocket productivity and confidence, which is what we all want out of our outfits. 

Over the last 12 years, the number of people who now work from home has grown by 159 percent, according to a study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics. And while studies show that employees who work remotely are more productive than their counterparts who work in a corporate office, getting work done at home can be difficult. The main reason why could be attributed to the work from home dress code—or lack thereof.

Enclothed cognition is a term that describes the psychology of how clothing can make someone feel about themselves. Basically, enclothed cognition is the scientific description of “When you look good, you feel good.” But when you’re working from home, we doubt that you want to be in a suit, jeans or any kind of restrictive clothing. That’s why we're sharing some style advice to show you how to dress business casual and make super comfortable clothing look great on you while working remotely. So skip the PJs today! 

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Tops that Work

Though you should get dressed while working from home, you don’t have to wear restrictive blouses. Have fun with your top of choice! P.S. We heard these tops make the best coworkers! 

  • Tunics–Plus size tunics are perfect for girls who mean business but also don’t take comfort lightly. These tops will go perfect with leggings or some soft jeggings. 
  • Off the Shoulder Sweaters–There is nothing cozier and more comfortable than off the shoulder sweaters. And while they may closely resemble pajamas, these sweaters will have you feeling cute and polished all day long. 
  • Kimonos–If you love to walk around your house in cute bralettes or basic tank tops, throw a kimono over your look to instantly make you feel more chic and polished. These are also great if you have to hop onto a Zoom video call. 

Pants Aren’t Optional

It may be comfortable to lounge around in your favorite pajama shorts or loungewear while working from home, but we promise you’ll feel much more productive and professional in these comfortable pants!

  • Leggings–As if this wasn’t obvious, leggings are the best pants to wear while working from home because they can pair well with just about anything. While they may closely resemble pajama pants or athletic attire, you can easily dress them up with a cute off the shoulder sweater or tunic. 
  • Jeggings–For those who work remotely, jeans may not be a great option. Who wears jeans if they don’t have to? However, if jeggings make you feel more dressed up, then they may be the perfect piece of clothing to boost confidence and productivity. 

The Work From Home Dress

You might think we are crazy if we suggest that you wear a dress while working from home, but hear us out. Plus size maxi dresses are comfortable and extremely stylish. You’ll be feeling beautiful and radiant all day long while also feeling content and unrestricted. Any style of maxi dress that is made with a jersey knit is the perfect piece to wear while working remotely. 

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Video Conference Call Chic

You never know when you may have to jump on a video conference call, which is another reason to get dressed while working remotely. If you’re the fashionista of the office, find your best plus size business casual wear to impress your coworkers. If you need a couple of accent pieces that take your comfortable work from home look to business casual chic, here’s what we recommend. 

  • Sweaters–A chic sweater over your favorite pair of leggings will look great on a video conference call. It shows that you got dressed and you mean business, but not in an ‘I’m wearing a full suit in my makeshift home office’ kind of way. 
  • Cardigans–Just like a sweater, these cozy additions can class up a plus size graphic T-shirt or a tank top to make your look work-appropriate. 
  • Blazers–If you have an important interview or business matter to handle over a video call, throw a blazer over a t-shirt or blouse. Don’t worry–you can still wear leggings since video calls usually only show the waist up!