Plus Size Business Casual Wear That Shows Off Your Style

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Business casual work environments are where fashion can thrive at work. If the dress code is too casual or too formal, a lot of times style gets sacrificed on both ends of the spectrum. If your dress code at work follows business casual rules, here is how you can spice up your work wardrobe for an extra dose of confidence while on the job. But before you take our advice, you should always consult your dress code or HR director to ensure you are in the clear. And if anyone ever says, “The office isn’t a runway,” they are wrong! When you look good, you feel good, and that definitely translates to your work and productivity. Social Psychological and Personality Science, a scientific journal, found that when study participants were asked to change into more formal business attire, they performed better on cognitive tests and even thought more creatively than those who didn’t. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve outlined some basics below that are both polished and professional.

All About the Denim

If you are working in a business casual environment, chances are you’re allowed to wear denim. Whether it’s only on Fridays or any day you choose, denim can really transform a professional look into something more laid back.

  • Skinny Jeans Mean Business–There is something about well-fitted plus size skinny jeans paired with a sharp blazer that makes the statement, “I’m cool, calm, collected and I’m also a total boss.” Because we’re talking about work, keep the embellishments and distress down to a minimum with these jeans. Top the look off with a heel and you just upgraded your look and whole vibe to bombshell status.
  • Bell Bottoms Add Personality–Have you ever thought of tucking your favorite plus size blouse into a pair of plus size bell-bottom jeans? While your top shows you’re about business on top, your jeans will also show everyone that you know how to have fun. Bell bottom jeans can be hard to pull off in the office, but when they are done right, they make any work outfit look playful. The most important rule? Go forth confidently! 

Dress Up Leggings for the Office

While there may be some limitations on wearing stretchy materials or spandex in many offices, plus size leggings have become more acceptable over the past couple of years. However, if you wear leggings, you have to do it right. Add trendy jewelry to your look to make the leggings look like they are more than your favorite pair of comfy day bottoms. Plus size cardigans also pair well with black leggings and they help to dress the look up for work. 

  • Bold in Black–Plus size black leggings are going to be the most practical for an office environment, and they are also the easiest to style. 
  • Edgy Chic–Faux leather leggings are a staple this season, and depending on how you dress them up, they could be office appropriate. Pair a long tunic with leggings to tone down the curve-hugging and amplifying material. You could even add in a blazer. 

Corporate Chic Midi Dresses 

While it’s rare that you will violate any kind of dress code with plus size midi dresses, there are ways to style them for the office that boost confidence and your overall style. 

  • Keep it Solid–When wearing midi dresses to the office, keep the patterns and colors simple. Go with a solid dress and spice it up with trendy accessories, a cardigan or a blazer. You don’t have to avoid large floral prints or bold patterns, but the simpler the dress, the more opportunities you have to make it look more professional
  • Add Some Heels–When at work—or anywhere really—adding a pair of classic heels to a look can take it from relaxed to professional. Find a pair of chic and comfy heels to rotate throughout your work wardrobe for a rush of confidence and boss babe vibes!

Your work attire definitely matters, so don’t overlook the opportunity to take any office ensemble from meh to fab!