8 Ways to Style Your Favorite Loungewear Set

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We are all spending a lot of our time in loungewear sets, these days, and, honestly, we aren’t mad about it at all! Whether you’re stuck at home in quarantine or you have decided to adopt a more comfortable wardrobe, loungewear has been the standout style of the year. 

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While lounging around the house in plus-size loungewear sets for the past year has been fun, you may be ready to switch it up a little bit. And, no, we don’t mean not wearing loungewear anymore. If you’re looking to up your loungewear game or take your joggers to the next level, we have just the style advice you need to do so. 

As you may have noticed, fashion, in general, has become more loungey because of the times. No one is wearing “hard pants” much, anymore. Which only means that loungewear is also becoming stylish outside of just wearing it around the house. And we are going to show you how to elevate your favorite lounge pieces to create a street-style look that is both comfortable and incredibly chic. 

Whether you are leaving the house in loungewear or just wanting to feel more stylish while you work from home, these chill outfit ideas pair so well with loungewear and are sure to give you a more polished look and feel. 

Top It Off with a Duster Coat

If you have to run errands or head out in a hurry, but you don’t want to change out of your comfortable loungewear, throw on a duster pea coat over your sweatpants. This coat will instantly elevate your look while giving you an outfit that’s celebrity street-style worthy. When it comes to styling the coat with streetwear, pair neutral colors together for a monochromatic look. The fewer colors you have in this look, the more polished your outfit will be. 

Add a Dainty Bralette

If you feel frumpy in your sweatpants while lounging around the house or working from home, throw on a dainty bralette. While sweatpants and plus-size bralettes may seem like an odd pairing, the bralette will instantly make you feel sexy and confident as you stay comfortable in your favorite joggers. 

Dress Up Your Leggings 

Are you spending your days in leggings and an oversized tunic? We love it! But if you want to run errands while not having to change, throw on a pair of cute boots and a blouse to instantly dress up your leggings. This is a cute and comfortable look that only takes seconds to style.

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Mix and Match

The key to making loungewear more stylish and dressed up is by pairing it with your favorite styles from your closet. For example, you can easily pair jeans with your favorite hoodie for a laidback and casual vibe. 

Add a Moto Jacket 

If you are hitting up your favorite yoga class but have errands to run or brunch to attend after the gym, pack a faux leather moto jacket in your gym bag to throw on after. Moto jackets instantly elevate a gym look, turning it into athleisure. 

Accessorize with Dainty Jewelry

Add some sparkle and shine to your loungewear with dainty jewelry. Whether you love gold or silver, simple necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can make your loungewear look more expensive and dressed up. 

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Throw On Fashion Sneakers

Instantly elevate your loungewear with a pair of cool sneakers. Whether slip-on sneakers or brightly colored shoes excite you, topping off your look with a pair of tennis shoes can drastically change the feel of the outfit. Adding sleek sneakers to your favorite gym set is also a great way to take your look from the gym to a street style. 

Add a Cardigan 

Wearing a lot of leggings and T-shirts lately? If you want to instantly spice the look up and tie it all together, you can top the outfit off with an oversized cardigan. To spruce up this outfit even more, you can add dainty jewelry or over-the-knee boots. 

Truth is, everyone is wearing loungewear out and about. One could say that it’s a trend. And, as you know, the athleisure style is still a style to watch out for. So if all you want to wear is loungewear, we aren’t stopping you! Wear it confidently!