Chillax, But Make It Fashion - 8 Chill Outfit Ideas

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When the pandemic made staying at home more commonplace, we were stoked to wear sweatpants all day—at first. But day after day of wearing the same tracksuit, we started to notice our confidence sink. And this is totally understandable seeing that most women channel confidence through clothing they feel good in. 

Let’s be honest. It was really cool to not have to get dressed for work or a date. But now, we want plus size loungewear that feels comfortable—like sweatpants—but also makes us feel confident—like our favorite little black dress in our closet. 

Here are some of our favorite chillaxing outfits that you will feel beautiful and comfortable in—no matter what you’re doing! 

Fitted Joggers + Crop Top 

Yes, joggers aren't too far from sweatpants, but when you pair them with a crop top, it gives them a completely different feel. Plus size lounge pants that are fitted also look sleeker than your average baggy sweatpants. If you love showing off your midriff section, this outfit is for you. You'll notice yourself taking extra looks at yourself in the mirror because not only do you feel comfortable, but you also look subtly sexy!

All Things Athleisure 

Before quarantine hit, the athleisure trend was already popular. If you're not familiar with the plus size athleisure trend, it's basically all about taking your gym gear and dressing it up for the streets. It looks like topping off your yoga outfit with a leather moto jacket or swapping out your gym shoes for a pair of fashion sneakers, and then adding a few layered necklaces to give the whole look a stylish vibe. Whether you're hanging out at home, or you have a low-key day of running errands, assembling an athleisure look may be the perfect confidence booster. 

Tie-Dye Dresses

If you haven't already done a home DIY tie-dye project, are you even a fashionista? If you haven’t, no worries! At Chic Soul, we have you covered with the latest tie-dye pieces. Tie-dye is one of the hottest prints of this year–and no matter what you're doing, the colorful and bold print can liven up your mood and your outfit. Sport a tie-dye dress for a fun look to wear around the house.

lose yourself dress multi

All Black Everything 

If you really want a confidence-boosting outfit that is effortless to put together, opt for an all-black look. Black outfits look sleek no matter what you're wearing, and it will make you feel more put together. Turn your plus size legging outfits into a black ensemble for more confidence!

Oversized Tee + Bike Shorts

Another thing that came with the pandemic quarantine was the wide adoption of TikTok. If you're familiar with the platform, you will have noticed that all the cool kids are wearing oversized t-shirts and bike shorts. While this look screams “slouchy,” it’s also very trendy. It's a super comfortable look to wear around the house, but you could also run errands in this look and look like a trendsetter while doing it.

Dear to Wear Lingerie

If you're really in need of a confidence boost while lounging around the house, put on some sexy lingerie. Your confidence will soar. If lounging around the house in lingerie seems a little too extreme to you, you can always dress up a lace bodysuit with a pair of jeans or leggings for a sexy and practical outfit. 

cabo nights bralette

Classy Pajamas 

If you're sick of sweatpants or baggy sweatshirts, but you refuse to put on actual clothes while you work from home, you may want to invest in a sophisticated silk pajama set. These sets are just as comfy as your sweatpants, but they will have you feeling more luxurious while lounging. 

 youre welcome tank

Jeans and a Tee

If you're naturally a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, maybe swap out your sweatpants for this go-to look. Find a really comfortable pair of jeggings or skinny jeans to lounge around in all day and top it off with a fresh white t-shirt. While this may be your everyday look, it could be refreshing to weave in some normalcy to your lounge outfits. 

graphic tiger tee

Lounging around the house can be boring, but if you put on an outfit that makes you shine, you’ll enjoy every task you do that day. When you look good, you feel good! So, skip the sweats tomorrow and throw on something that excites you!


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