What Is My Body Shape?

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Calling all curvy girls! Did you know that there are different kinds of plus size bodies? While the assumption decades–or even five years–ago may have been that the plus size woman was shaped a certain way and stood at a certain height, the same is definitely not true today. Because the average American woman is now plus size, the full-figured body comes in all shapes, sizes and heights. 

And why does that matter? Because not all plus size clothing is made with each of these different shapes in mind. Since there are now so many options when it comes to trendy plus size clothing for women, knowing how to dress for your body type can help you identify clothing and trends that you want to add to your closet. Having styles that fit you well and highlight the assets you want to show off while contouring the rest of your body will help you to feel confident.  

If you’re not sure which shape your body most closely resembles, we are breaking it down for you in this comprehensive guide. And while this guide could help you build more confidence around your style, know that you should always wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! 

Take Your Measurements 

Taking your body measurements can be helpful to identifying your body type, but it’s also a great idea to have your measurements written down so you can use them to identify how clothing will fit you when shopping online. Grab a tape measure and a friend to help you or stand in front of the mirror while wearing clothing that hugs your body closely. Here are some of the areas you’ll need to measure:

  • Waist–Find the narrowest part of your waist, which should be just above your belly button, and wrap the tape measure around your body. 
  • Inseam–Place the tape measure at the very top of your inner thigh and drop the tape measure to just below your ankle. 
  • Hips–Measure the widest part of your hips, just above your groin. 
  • Bust–Place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust and wrap the tape measure around your body. 

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Determine Your Shape

You can use your measurements to compare numbers and ratios or you can stand in the mirror to analyze your silhouette and compare them to the shapes below. 

  • Apple–Apple shapes have shoulders and hips that are the same width with thinner arms, thighs and legs. Check out our style guide for apple-shaped figures to better determine if you have an apple figure. Styles that look great on you: Plus size wrap dresses and babydoll mini dresses balance out your figure and you’ll get to show off your amazing legs! Off the shoulder tops paired with high-waisted denim or an asymmetrical skirt help elongate your figure.
  • Pear–Pear shapes have wider hips with narrow shoulders and waistline with full thighs and a round booty. Check out our style guide for pear-shaped figures! Styles that look great on you: Fit and flare dresses and wrap dresses hug each and every one of your curves just right. To balance out your curves, pair a dolman sleeve top with a pair of skinny jeans or bootcut denim.
  • Hourglass–An hourglass shape is curvy on top and bottom with a well-defined waist. Styles that look great on you: Plus size fashion was made with your figure in mind, which means most styles look great on your curves. To highlight your curves, always incorporate dresses or tops that cinch at the waist. Skinny jeans look best on you! Check out our style guide for dresses that flatter the hourglass figure.
  • Oval–Oval shapes have a large bust with narrow hips and a fuller midsection. Styles that look great on you: Babydoll dresses look so good on you! A-line skirts can help you define your curves and create an hourglass look–if you desire. Open-cut kimonos will help make any outfit look chic and structured.
  • Diamond–Diamond shapes have broad hips, narrow shoulders and bust with a fuller waistline. Styles that look great on you: Wrap dresses cinch at the waist to clearly define your curves and balance out proportions, while off the shoulder tops show off your beautiful, strong shoulders. For bottoms, opt for an a-line skirt or bootcut and flare jeans. 

At Chic Soul, we believe that plus size women should wear what they feel best in—regardless of their shape or size and the rules that society puts around dressing for your body type. And that’s why our plus size online boutique has a variety of styles for every plus size woman.

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