The Lay of the Land: 9 Plus Size Layering Tips

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There may be many style guides for how to layer full-figured fashion. And they may tell you that you can only layer a certain way or a certain number of pieces to retain a flattering figure. But this is not your average style guide! We want to help you break all the fashion rules while still creating an outfit that makes you feel radiant and beautiful. 

While the art of layering has been around since humans could dress themselves, it’s still a very popular technique that you can do in all seasons. But one of the best seasons to layer is during fall. And since this isn’t your average layering style guide, we will be presenting you with layered outfits that go beyond the average button up shirt under a sweater look.

So, are you ready to layer your way into fall? Try these styling tips for an outfit that turns heads and boosts confidence.

T-Shirt + Dress

If you have really cute dresses that you want to take from summer to fall, these next few layering techniques are for you. This summer, slip dresses were a huge trend. But just because it's about to get colder outside, that doesn't mean that you have to store these beautiful slip dresses away. To make this dress work for fall, try layering the dress over a plain fitted t-shirt. Light layers like this are perfect for the end of summer. 

Dress + Turtleneck  

Similar to pairing a T-shirt with your favorite slip dress, you can take a plain fitted turtleneck or long sleeve and layer a dress over it. Not only will this keep you warm during colder days and well into winter, but it will also completely transform your slip dress into a more sophisticated and seasonal piece. 

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Sweater + Slip Dress

Another way to style a slip dress for fall and winter is by topping off the dress with an oversized sweater. This is not only a super unique look, but it will also turn your dress into a skirt. When creating this outfit, try to prioritize sweaters that are cropped and cinch just below the bust. This will elongate your figure, and it will prevent you from drowning your shape out in a bulky sweater and flowy skirt. You can also always use a belt to give your body more shape. 

Midi Skirt + Boots

Just because it's about to get a little chilly around here doesn't mean that you have to put away your favorite midi skirts. If you also embraced the ever so stylish slip skirt this summer, you can pair it with knee high boots. While this may not appear like layering at first, it's definitely a layering technique. Yes, the skirt will most likely cover your boots, but this look is very trendy and you’ll look like a fashionista who isn’t afraid to take risks.

Mini Skirt + Boots + Tights 

For fall, mini skirts are always a great outfit staple. For shorter skirts, you can either layer tights or knee high socks with boots for a chic fall look.

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Trench Coat + Fitted Pieces

If you are dying to dive into a trench coat or peacoat this season, think of them as an accessory and a layering piece rather than just something that keeps you warm. If you have a really chic coat you’re excited to wear, layer it on top of a monochromatic outfit like black leggings and a fitted black shirt. This will not only give you a flattering look, but an outfit that works for every occasion. If you don’t have a trench coat, you can also add emphasis to an outfit like this with a plus size kimono.

Slip Dress + Pea Coat

The layering possibilities are endless with trendy plus size jackets, and you can virtually wear anything under them. If you have a plain duster pea coat, wear a slip dress underneath to spice up the whole look. You can top this outfit off with some combat boots or a chic pair of heels—your call! 

timeless influencers jacket

Blazer + Slip Dress

If you are constantly creating plus size business casual outfits for work, you’ll want to keep an oversized and fitted blazer in your closet. Not only will a plus size blazer turn any sweater, blouse or T-shirt into a professional looking outfit, but they also pair really well with slip dresses. The contrast of a structured blazer and a dainty dress will make you look like a trendsetter. 

Utility Jacket + Flannel + Graphic Tee

If you feel your layering skills are up to the task, here is a layering challenge for you! Utility jackets are very popular in the fall, and rightfully so because they go with anything. If you are looking to create a layering masterpiece, start with a graphic band tee or a play T-shirt, top that off with your favorite flannel long sleeve and then throw on a utility jacket. This layering technique is effortless, but it creates an unforgettable outfit. 

We hope you are just as excited about fall as we are! When you are creating layered looks, remember that you should always go with what makes you feel confident! 


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