How to Choose the Most Flattering Sweaters

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Is it fall yet? At Chic Soul, we are counting down the days until our favorite season and planning out our plus size fall outfits. We love sweaters—if you couldn’t already tell. 

And we feel that a woman can never own too many sweaters. However, there are so many styles and it can be hard to choose the fit that flatters your figure the most. That's why we put together this guide that will help you find your favorite sweater for this fall and winter season, while also feeling confident that you'll choose a fit that looks great on your curves and boosts your confidence.

Identify Your Body Shape

Because we want you to find the sweater that looks best on your body shape, let's talk about which body type you identify with most. This will help you zero in on the sweaters that will flatter your figure. You can also learn more about your individual body shape and the most flattering clothing for your figure with our What is My Body Shape? guide.

  • Hourglass–If you have an hourglass body shape, your frame probably closely resembles a Coca-Cola bottle. Your waist is narrow and your hips and bust are curvy.
  • Apple–If you have an apple body shape, your legs are slender and narrow and you have strong, beautiful shoulders and a curvy bust.
  • Pear–If your body falls in line with the pear shape, the upper half of your body is narrow and the lower half is curvier—like a pear.
  • Oval–If you relate to the oval shape, you most likely have a large bust with narrow hips and a fuller midsection.
  • Diamond–Diamond shapes have narrow shoulders with broad hips and a fuller waistline. 

Sweaters for Hourglass Figures

If you love to play up your hourglass figure, you will want to stick with more fitted sweaters or sweaters that have a peplum at the mid-waist. This will help you not only contour your figure but enhance your hourglass shape.

rise up sweater camel

Sweaters for Apple Figures

If your goal is to balance out your proportions, you will want to accent your shoulders with off the shoulder sweaters. These sweaters will not only show off your beautiful shoulders, but they will enhance your figure and contour your shape. The off the shoulder look turns any sweater into a

sexy plus sized sweater as it gives your outfit a fun and playful vibe.

angel in you sweater

Sweaters for Pear Figures 

Do you love a booster fitting sweater? If so, longer oversized sweaters look great on your figure. They rarely ever drown your figure out because you have a curvier bottom, which makes them both flattering and comfortable. If you love showing off your curvier bottom, try a cropped sweater or a sweater that is tucked into a pair of skinny jeans. 

Sweaters for Oval Figures

One style that looks incredible on the oval figure is the off the shoulder sweater, which accents your shoulders to bring more balance to your figure. Wrap sweaters also look amazing on oval figures. While this style may be harder to find than your average oversized turtleneck sweater, you can easily turn a sweater cardigan into a wrap sweater with a plus size belt. 

 warm feelings sweater

Sweaters for Diamond Figures 

Oversized sweaters are totally your jam if you have a diamond shape. You can accentuate your figure by adding in belts or styling your sweater with a French tuck into a mini skirt or a pair of your favorite jeans. 

Plus Size Sweaters That Look Good on Every Body Type

We believe that you should wear whatever makes you feel confident, comfortable and radiant—even if that means choosing a sweater that isn’t the most flattering. It’s your choice! With that being said, here are our favorite sweaters for every body type, whether you are planning a plus size date outfit or a cute and casual look for a day out with your girlfriends. 

  • Color-Blocked Sweaters–These sweaters have a unique spin on colors, and they look great on every body type because you can use the color-block structure to play up certain features and minimize others. They are also incredibly chic and sophisticated!
  • Curved Hem Sweaters–Instead of falling straight across at the hip, these sweaters have a curved hem that dips a little lower in the front and back to give every body shape a flattering fit. 
  • Peek-a-Boo Sweaters–These sweaters have tiny cut-outs or patterns that show a little bit of skin, which is an ultra-flattering feature. Allowing some skin to show defines your figure! 
  • High-Low Sweaters–These adorable sweaters have a unique play on length. In the front, they come up a little higher, and in the back, they fall a little lower. This is a flattering style across the board—especially for women who like a little more coverage in the back. 

 see your cards sweater

The one rule we stick to with every look here at Chic Soul is to wear what makes you feel good! So, whether you want to dabble in flattering plus size sweaters or you’d rather cozy up in an oversized sweater, we love to see it! 


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