7 Essential Fashion Hacks for Curvy Girls

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Have you ever tried to search for curvy girl fashion hacks on the internet? If you have, chances are that you have found multiple articles that list unrealistic rules for plus-size women about shrinking their body and blending in. At Chic Soul, we believe that plus-size women should wear full-figured fashion that they love regardless of any rules. We never want you to hide your body or feel any shame about wearing trendy pieces or bold styles! And that’s why we’ve created our own essential fashion-hacks-for-curvy-girls guide, which celebrates your body instead of trying to shame you into hiding it.

The plus-size body is a beautiful figure, and we want to help you emphasize and contour your curves in ways that make you feel confident and bold. We are so inspired by the body positivity movement, and we think fashion should follow the movement’s main goals, which is to embrace your body as it is. And that means wearing the clothes you want regardless of what anyone says. 

We did our research, and we found some of the top things curvy girls struggle with when buying clothes, as well as when styling them. And then, we came up with solutions that will make your life much easier, while enhancing your wardrobe. The best part? There is no body-shaming tolerated here! 

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Stop Chafing 

Thick thighs save lives, but they also rub together when you’re wearing skirts and shorts, which can be very uncomfortable. We believe that you should wear dresses and skirts that make you feel confident. And where most guides would tell you just to wear jeans instead, we never would! 

There are so many anti-chafing balms on the market that are perfect for curvy girls and which ensure that you’re comfortable all day long while wearing the bold styles you love. You can also invest in thigh bands that rest on your upper thighs as a guard and which prevent any chafing. These are a great option if you’re wearing maxi skirts or dresses because sometimes the guards can show through mini skirts. And, just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean that skirts and dresses are out. We love pairing mini skirts and maxi dresses with cute winter tops.

Keep Tops from Riding Up 

If you love wearing tops that are more form-fitting, you may struggle with them riding up when you’re going about your daily activities. If you wanted to wear a crop top, you would have …  are we right? We advise trying bodysuits, which can be very flattering, but also very functional, especially if you are in need of a top that will stay in place. Wear one with jeans, a skirt, or even some chic joggers if you’re going for a laid-back look. You’ll love how this form-fitting suit looks on your curves, and you’ll never have to worry about your top riding up again!

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Defining the Waist 

If you’re looking to add some definition to your body and contour your curves, you’ll want to prioritize styles that cinch at the waist. Whether that’s plus-size party dresses that wrap at the waist or high-waisted denim, this style can give you an hourglass look and make you feel more confident. 

Avoid Unflattering and Restrictive Denim 

Which styles of plus-size jeans for women do you love the most? Whether you usually gravitate toward mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or skinny jeans, you always want to prioritize denim that has some stretch in it. Stretchy denim will hug your curves just right while ensuring that you feel comfortable all day long. Get to know your curves so that you can see which denim styles look best on your figure. For example, if you have a slim waist and curvy hips, you might want to look into pants for a pear-shaped body.

Getting It Right When Ordering Clothes Online

One thing that is for sure, plus-size women don’t have the same opportunity to shop in-store as their smaller-sized counterparts. This is for the simple fact that most plus-size brands exist online rather than having their own storefront. And that means that plus-size women have to put a lot of trust into ordering clothing online without being able to try it on. 

If you have had your fair share of bad luck while ordering clothes online, take your measurements so that you can easily compare your body with a brand’s size guide. This will ensure that you get the right fit every single time. No longer do you have to guess or order two different sizes just to find the right fit.

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Make the In-Between Jeans Fit

Do you find yourself in between sizes a lot? If so, that’s totally common for plus-size women—and most women in general, as the female body is always changing. If you find yourself needing some extra stretch or room in the waist of your jeans, you can always take a hair tie, loop it around the button, pull it through the buttonhole, and then loop the other end of the hair tie around the button. This can give you a little bit of extra stretch and make jeans that are a little too small feel very comfortable. If the jeans still feel too tight, but you want to wear them, you could always style the look with plus-size winter vests to streamline your figure and reduce the appearance of any love handles. 

Feel Confident in Everything 

Whether you like to wear more form-fitting clothing or you prefer looser styles, it can always feel great to have a little extra support. That’s why we love shapewear. Shapewear contours your curves while giving you support. If you have a dress that clings to your curves, you may want to try a bodysuit that smooths out any lines. That way, you’ll feel confident in all of your cute plus-size winter outfits.

If someone tells you that have to follow certain rules of the plus-size women when it comes to fashion, we’re here to tell you that they are wrong. We hope these hacks make your life easier and enhance your style. P.S., you can wear whatever you want!