23 Cute Girls’-Night-Out Outfit Ideas—Pandemic Edition

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23 Cute Girls-Night-Out Outfit Ideas Pandemic Edition

Are you dreaming of the days when you and your girls used to go out every weekend and tear up the dance floor while planning out looks that would make you feel confident all night long? 

While those days may not come as often because of the pandemic, that doesn’t mean that you and your girl squad can’t get together to have fun. 

And what’s a girls’ night out without a great outfit? Just because you’re stuck at home or maybe forced to have a girls’ night out that’s a little different than what you’re used to, it doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on the fun of planning stunning looks. 

For your next girls’ night in or out, here are a few different outfits that we love. Whether you’re having a movie night or a dance party, these looks will help you feel comfortable and confident. Getting ready for a girls’ night may bring you back to the good days! On top of our favorite night-out looks, we’ve also included some ideas for the perfect girls’-night-in activities. So, grab your girl squad and let’s get dressed!

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Holiday Party

If you and your quarantine bubble are hosting holiday parties this year, we have the perfect outfits in mind for you. The holidays are the time to get all glammed up and style some lavish looks. And, this year, people at holiday parties are going to be dressed even better because, for some, this will be their first formal outing in months. So, it’s safe to say that you should be prepared to dress to the nines. 

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  1. Party Dresses – If you are looking to make an impression, party dresses are the way to go this season. From sequins to velvet, these dresses are perfect for the holidays. These dresses are perfect for more formal occasions. 
  2. Sweaters – Of course, the glitz and glam are always fun, but if you want a more laid-back look, plus-size sweaters are also a great way to bundle up during the holiday season. Sweaters are ideal because they are so versatile and can be paired with leggings, skirts, or jeans. You can also slide a cropped sweater over a more formal slip dress to tone it down and create a unique look.
  3. Slip Dresses – Slip dresses are having a huge moment in fashion right now, and we love them for the holiday season. You can either wear the slip dress solo or pair it with a statement coat. You can also layer chunky sweaters over the top. 

Dance the Night Away

If you’re used to going out on Saturday nights to the hottest club and dancing the night away with your girlfriends, you and your girls don’t have to miss out on those fun nights anymore! While it may not feel totally the same, you and your girls can put together a dance party at your house or on a Zoom call and treat the event as if you were actually going out to the club. 

Stock your bar cart or refrigerator with all of your favorite drinks, order your favorite takeout, and give everyone a dress code. While you may just be dancing the night away at home, it will be fun to dress up as if you were going out. So, put on one of your favorite plus-size party dresses—heels are totally optional! Don’t forget to make a playlist that everyone can add their favorite songs to! You can even recreate the club atmosphere with strobe lights and other decorations.

  1. Bodycon Dress – If you want to go all out, wear your favorite club dress to your dance party inside! While you’re dancing the night away, you won’t even notice that you’re in the living room. These dresses hug your curves just right and make you feel confident. 
  2. Silk Slip Dresses – Going for a classier look that you can easily throw a cozy cardigan over? Style a chic slip dress with a pair of strappy heels. No matter what the night has in store for you, you’ll be feeling so chic and polished. 
  3. Faux Leather Leggings – If you’d like to keep your outfit a little more simple, but you still want to feel sexy, faux leather leggings will contour your shape and give you that going-out feel.

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Movie Night Inn

Nowadays, you’re probably having a lot more movie nights than you used to, which is great, but are you ever wondering how to elevate your movie night so that you’re not just stuck wearing the same old sweatpants? You’re not alone! These days, we will take any excuse we can to get dressed up. 

  1. Jeggings – Instead of baggy sweatpants, pair your favorite jeggings or leggings and pair them with tunics for women or cute off-the-shoulder sweaters that are not only comfortable, but much more elevated.
  2. Oversized Sweaters – While baggy and very comfortable, oversized sweaters are still stylish and cute. You can pair them with leggings or jeggings. 
  3. Fitted Joggers – If you refuse to put on anything other than sweatpants, opt for a pair of fitted joggers and pair with a cute crop top. Fitted comfortable clothes will have you feeling more put together. 

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Dinner Plans

If you and your friends still find time to make dinner plans once a week, you probably get really excited to dress up for this day! Whether you will be dining inside or out, you’ll want to prioritize warmer styles for the winter. But, these days, a dinner date is a big deal! So take this opportunity to wear what makes you feel excited and stylish!

  1. Sweater Dresses – We love sweater dresses because they hug every curve just right. Sweater dresses are also easy to layer and dress up or down. If you plan on dining outside, you can layer a stunning coat over your sweater dress and top the look off with a pair of ankle boots.
  2. Slip Dress – If you have a date night planned, slide into a gorgeous slip dress or skirt to accentuate your curves. You can top this look off with an off-the-shoulder sweater or a statement coat. 
  3. Sweater Dress – Sweater dresses that hug every curve just right are perfect for a night out. If you are embracing your new quarantine wardrobe, and you’d rather not get super dressed up because you want to be comfortable, sweater dresses are the perfect compromise.  
  4. Leggings – You could absolutely wear black leggings and a black off-the-shoulder sweater for a chic but comfortable look during dinner. This sleek look will have you feeling all dressed up but also as comfortable as ever. 

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Zoom Happy Hour

While you may not be able to meet your best friends at your favorite bar for happy hour, you can definitely host a weekly—or nightly; we are not judging—Zoom happy hour with your best friends. While you may not think about getting dressed up for a Zoom happy hour because people rarely ever see more than your face, it could be fun to host a happy hour with a dress code. Here are some fun things you could wear during your next virtual meet up! 

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  1. Statement Blouse – Obviously, the top half of your body is really all that’s seen via a webcam chat. So pack a style punch with a bold statement blouse. Whether its bright colors or a busy pattern, you’ll definitely make an impact. 
  2. Sequins – If you want to get dressed up for this happy hour, wear a sequin dress! It will look like you’re about ready to hit up the club. Ask your friends to dress up with you. You could each take your turn showing off your outfit! 
  3. Off-the-Shoulder Sweater – If you’re somewhere in between wanting to be casually dressed and dressed up, pair an off the shoulder sweater with dainty gold jewelry. You’ll look so chic and beautiful without looking too overdressed or underdressed.

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Bridal Party

While bridal parties are usually extravagant vacations filled with celebrations and coordinating outfits, the pandemic has definitely put a hold on all of our travel plans. But that doesn't mean that you can’t have a really fun bridal party with cute outfits. Whether you’re hosting the party or planning it, you could make the event feel more special by creating a theme for the attire. 

Whether it is an all-white or pink party, we love dresses that hide belly fat so that you feel confident no matter the occasion. Having a theme will make the party more fun, and it will definitely up the ante on the fashion.

  1. The Wrap Dress – Wrap dresses are so chic and flattering. They make the perfect dress for a bridal party. Whether you like a mini, maxi, or midi fit, you can easily find a style of wrap dress that makes you feel beautiful. 
  2. Jumpsuits and Rompers – If your bachelorette party is taking place in a warm environment, you’ll definitely want to pack a cute romper or jumpsuit. These fun and flirty styles will skyrocket your confidence.


If you’re still able to go out to brunch with your girls, you will want to keep these cute and classy looks in rotation. Whether you’re going out to a fancy brunch or just grabbing lunch with your friends after you hit the gym, these outfits are perfect for a day out.

fun frilly baby doll dress

  1. Jeans and a Tee – Looking for a simple look that’s cute and casual? Opt for jeans and a t-shirt or one of your favorite plus-size blouses. To elevate this look, you can top off the outfit with a pair of chic heels and a colorful face mask. 
  2. Babydoll Dresses – These fun and frilly dresses scream brunch. They are so fun and feminine, and they work well for most occasions. Whether you love a mini, maxi, or midi fit, these dresses come in all three. 
  3. Athleisure Trend – Are you stopping by for brunch on your way home from the gym? If so, you don’t need to change! Instead, top off your favorite workout set with a statement coat or jacket and throw on some fashion sneakers. Athleisure is very on-trend right now, which means you can totally sport your yoga pants to brunch.

Picnic in the Park 

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Do you and your friends meet for picnics or casual get-togethers outside? If you’re practicing responsible social distancing guidelines, these meetings may be the only way you get to hang out with your friends in a pandemic. So, we think it’s best to take advantage of the opportunity and get dressed in clothes that make you feel fabulous! Of course, we want your outfit to be practical, casual, and comfortable. So here are our suggestions! 

  1. Jeans – A pair of curve-hugging jeans is the perfect foundation for a cute and practical outfit. You can either wear an off-the-shoulder sweater or a trendy plus-size blouse. 
  2. Jumpsuit – If you love an outfit that doesn’t take much effort to style, but still looks stylish, wear a jumpsuit to your next picnic! You can dress your jumpsuit up with cozy cardigans for colder temperatures.

Don’t Wait to Feel Gorgeous

This year hasn’t been normal, by any means. And while so many of our favorite activities are on hold or have been altered greatly, we hope that these outfits bring back some normalcy to your life. You deserve to feel confident and beautiful while wearing the clothes you love and participating in the activities that bring you joy. 


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