Plus-Size Winter Wardrobe Staples

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Plus-Size Winter Wardrobe Staples

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That is if you’re into winter fashion and the holidays. No matter where you’re located, chances are that you’ll have to adopt a warmer wardrobe during the next couple of months. At Chic Soul, we love the winter months because it gives us the opportunity to play with cozy styles and layers. There’s also something seriously glam and luxurious about a winter wardrobe. From bold statement pieces to faux furs and party dresses for the holidays, we love what this season has in store for fashion. If you’re ready to kick off winter in style, join us as we share these wardrobe staple pieces so that you can create cute plus-size winter outfits!  

angel in you sweater

Plus-Size Sweaters

While the fall season may take the cake for being the best time to wear a sweater, winter is no different! We love lightweight winter tops and sweaters that we can layer under cozy coats or chunky knit sweaters that can be paired with a scarf and your favorite pair of jeans. To maximize the opportunities you have to style your sweater, stick to neutral colors that pair well with leggings, jeans, and outerwear. If you love bold leopard prints or bright colors for winter, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from them. Just keep some neutral pieces on hand alongside your bold prints to maximize your wardrobe. 

keep me cozy red vest

Plus-Size Vests 

Vests are the most underrated winter staple because they are cozy and very stylish. This season, you can either sport a neutral-colored vest or choose an eye-catching pattern to elevate any look. Plus-size winter vests will keep you comfortable and cozy while also giving you the ultimate winter vibe.

Plus-Size Leggings

We will let jeans have the spotlight in just a second, but we think leggings are the most versatile bottoms for the winter season. Why? Because they’re so easy to tuck into knee-high boots, and they go well with virtually anything. Whether you want to layer plus-size tunics over your leggings or you want to wear off-the-shoulder sweaters, leggings go with everything, and they can also help keep you warm. 

go explore boyfriend jeans

Plus-Size Jeans

As we mentioned above, jeans are great, and we love them for winter. For this season, stick to darker-wash denim that pairs well with everything. Jeans look great with a cute pair of ankle booties, a sweater, and a flattering coat. You can’t go wrong with keeping a bunch of denim styles in your closet for multiple occasions because jeans can easily be dressed up or down. If you’re looking for pants for a pear-shaped body or other flattering, curve-contouring bottoms, jeans will be your go-to! 

wander through aspen boots

Boots Galore

In the winter months, boots are the perfect way to top off any outfit. We are loving knee-high boots and ankle booties because they are so easy to wear with jeans, leggings, and high-waisted mini skirts. While they are such a cute way to top off your favorite winter ensemble, boots are also very practical, as they will help keep you warmer. 

ace of hearts jacket

Statement Coats 

It goes without saying that you’ll probably need a coat this winter to keep you warm. But what if we told you that your coat could serve as a statement as well? This year, we want you to enhance your coat game with bold patterns, luxurious materials, and flattering fits. A statement coat will not only elevate every single look you pair it with, but it could also stand alone to create emphasis if you feel like wearing a simple outfit. Everyone needs a great coat in their wardrobe this winter!

Cozy Plus-Size Pajamas 

We’re all staying inside a little bit more than usual these days, which means you might want to get some cozy and cute pajamas that give you all the winter vibes. These cute pajamas will give you a reason to dress up and embrace winter style at home. We’re loving monochromatic cozy sets or festive holiday prints. And if you love these jammies so much that you keep them on while you work from home, we won’t judge!

know the ropes dress off white

Plus-Size Party Dresses

Whether you’re getting together with a small group of friends or your family is hosting a virtual Christmas party, you’ll want to keep festive plus-size party dresses on hand. Plus-size party dresses are perfect for the holidays, as they usually boast sequins, velvet, and other styles that are perfect for ringing in the holiday season. ‘Tis the season to be stylish! Grab your favorite winter staples and let’s dive into this magical season!