6 of the Most Flattering Shoes for Plus Size Women

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The beauty of the plus size body is that it comes in so many different shapes and styles! At Chic Soul, we have made it our mission to understand and learn all shapes so that we can stock our virtual shelves with full-figured fashion styles that fit and flatter your figure in ways that make you feel the most confident. But confidence goes beyond clothing and the body! As we know, accessories are equally as important to boosting confidence and creating stunning silhouettes. And with that being said, lately, we have been asked a lot about how to choose the right shoes for women who have bigger ankles, and we have answers! Not only will we share which types of stylish shoes look best on you, but we will also share a few styling and fashion tips along the way.

silver sequin heels


If you have bigger ankles and you want to make them appear to be slimmer or smaller, you will want to avoid flat shoes and sandals if heels are available. Instead, try a heel. These don’t have to be stilettos; they could be smaller heels. The most important thing to focus on is that your figure is elongated and that you love the way your ankles look. If you find that wearing a pair of heels doesn’t provide you with a dramatic enough change, you may want to pair your heels with some straight leg or mom jeans. These jeans are wider toward the bottom and take the emphasis off of your ankles. 

Go Nude 

If you’re looking for a flattering pair of heels or wedges, you can always opt for colors that match your skin tone closely. When wearing heels that match your skin color, you will elongate your legs. 


If you love wedges, we have some good news! Wedges look so good on your figure. Depending on your ankles, you will want to create balance with the width of the heel or wedge on your shoes. When picking a wedge or heel, opt for a thicker and wider heel that balances out your ankles. Not only will these cute wedge shoes elongate your figure, but they will look so flattering! With your wedges, style yourself in flowy skirts and dresses. We would avoid wearing jeans because wedges are already a little bulky. We advise against adding the extra volume of a cuffed jean. 

Pointed Toe 

When you are shopping for new heels, prioritize pointed toes over rounded toes. Pointed toes elongate and slim the figure while rounded toe shoes may make your figure look shorter. If you wear flats, opt for a pointed toe.

brown knee high boots

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots look so great on your figure! During the fall and winter months, you’ll want to wear knee-high boots with every outfit. 

Strapless Heels 

While strappy heels and sandals are very trendy right now, the straps usually put emphasis on the ankle. Avoid working strappy heels into your wardrobe to take the attention off the ankle. If you love strappy heels, no problem! Pair them with mom jeans or straight leg denim. These jeans will cover your ankle and the strap of the heel, which will give you a more streamlined look.

chasing pavement sneakers

Wedge Sneakers

Similar to wearing heels and wedges, a sneaker with a wedge on it will elongate your figure and will slim your ankle. These shoes are super-edgy, and they will elevate any look. If you aren’t a fan of the wedge sneaker, try working high-top sneakers into your wardrobe. These cute sneakers are best for more casual and street style looks. 

Add Tights 

Since it’s getting colder outside with the changing seasons, this next style tip is both practical and genius. If you find yourself wearing a lot of dresses and skirts during the holiday season, wear black tights paired with any heel or ankle bootie. The black tights will slim your ankles and legs effortlessly. 

Hey! Just so you know, we think your body is perfect just the way it is. But we also recognize that the clothes and accessories we wear play a large role in how we feel. So we hope these styling techniques will help you feel more radiant.