7 of Our Favorite Monochrome Outfit Ideas

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At Chic Soul, we are so excited because this year is all about the monochromatic look. While the monochromatic trend may seem understated, the outfits that are created using this style have the potential to make a bold statement, and they’re pretty easy to style! If you're looking for an outfit that is bold, but minimalist, this trend is right up your alley. 

If you’re not familiar with monochromatic trends, monochrome outfits basically entail creating a look with the same shade or color. For example, an all-black outfit is a monochromatic outfit, but there are also variations of the trend that play with beige, gray, or even a head-to-toe hot pink look. That's another reason why we love this trend: It's so adaptable to everyone’s unique style. 

If you’re just now getting into the trend, we suggest looking through your closet and taking inventory of the most popular colors that you can identify. If your wardrobe is mostly black or made up of other neutrals, this trend will be easy for you to get started with today. But if you have a closet that consists of a bunch of different colors that don’t really pair well together, you may need to invest in pieces that work well for a monochromatic look. 

The best thing about investing in neutrals is that even if you decide you don’t like the monochromatic trend, these pieces will still elevate your wardrobe and give you endless outfit opportunities. Don’t get us wrong. Monochromatic looks can also be created with bold patterns and bright colors. The only thing to keep in mind is that you want to weave in similar colors and patterns so that you create a unified and cohesive look. A monochromatic look doesn’t have to be a head-to-toe beige ensemble, by any means—but it very well could be. Whether you love to create monochromatic looks or this will be your first venture into the trend, we’ve put together some of our favorite monochromatic outfit inspiration. 

1. All-Black Everything

Are flattering and sleek looks your style? If so, you’ll want to keep an all-black ensemble in your closet. No matter what you wear, all-black looks always look chic and polished.

2. Beige Colors

If you have a darker or olive skin tone, cream-colored monochromatic ensembles will make your skin pop! Since beige comes in many different shades, it’s important to make sure you have similar shades that fit cohesively together. For example, there are cool tones and warm tones when it comes to beige. To create the perfect outfit, stick to either cold or warm pieces. If you’re worried about lighter colors not being flattering, prioritize a pair of pants for a pear-shaped body that will look great on your figure—regardless of color. 

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3. Olive Green 

Another popular monochromatic color scheme is olive green. Pair green plus-size oversized sweaters with an olive high-waisted mini skirt or a pair of fitted cargo pants for an edgy and girly look. 

4. Gray Scale

Gray is a color that is really easy to assemble into a monochromatic look. Since there are so many different variations of the color, you have the potential to create a visually compelling look. 

5. White Out 

If you’re a bold fashionista who loves to take risks, you can try weaving an all-white ensemble together! We love pairing a long-sleeve white sweater dress with a structured white coat that contours your curves. 

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6. Bright Orange

Do you love to make a statement? If so, orange is your color. This neon version of orange is a hot color for 2020, and it will be around through the spring of next year. If you have a 9-to-5 office job, you could style an orange jumpsuit or pantsuit to give you ultimate power-move vibes. 

7. Cool Blue

Blue hues are great to make monochromatic looks. You could create a contrasting and compelling outfit by pairing darker blue solid color tops with lighter shades of blue on the bottom—or vice versa. If you want to create a visually impactful outfit, try out blue!

Don’t Wait for Creative Style

We realize that not every day feels like a New York Fashion Week runway, but we wanted to spark your creativity when it comes to creating monochromatic outfits that turn heads!