How to Style a Maxi Dress

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Do you love wearing plus size maxi dresses? Who doesn’t! At Chic Soul, one of our favorite dress styles is the maxi because they are so versatile and comfortable, and they can be dressed up or down for every occasion. Maxi dresses have been wardrobe staples for decades since Oscar de la Renta created them in the 60s. 

There is also a variety of maxi dress styles, making them perfect for occasions like work, brunch, church, weddings and even more formal events. And among many other reasons, we also love that we can throw on a cardigan, jacket or belt to completely transform a maxi dress and give it a new look. If you’re wondering how to style a maxi dress or how to accessorize it, you have come to the right place! We are going to drop some major maxi dress outfit inspiration on you with our ideas on how to style a maxi dress. So get ready to take notes!


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How to Style a Maxi Dress

Here are some of our favorite additions and styling hacks to spice up any maxi dress you have in your closet:

Add a Cardigan 

You can wear your favorite maxi dresses well into fall and winter if you style them right! To create a cute and cozy fall look, wear a plus size cardigan sweater with your maxi dress. Pairing chunky knits is a great way to create a layered outfit that’s stylish and practical. 

Turn Your Maxi Dress into a Skirt with a Cropped Sweater

Speaking of fall, you can always turn your maxi dress into a cute skirt by topping the look off with a cropped turtleneck or sweater. This is a great way to make your maxi dresses work well into fall and winter. 

Throw on a Denim Jacket 

There is something about denim jackets and maxi dresses that make them pair so well together. Whether you love a white, black or classic denim wash, try topping off your next maxi dress look with a jean jacket.

Cinch Your Waist with a Belt 

Maxis are known as dresses that best accentuate your curves because they are so flowy and whimsical. However, if you want to make your maxi dress emphasize your curves and hug your hips a little more, you add a belt just above your hips or under your bust. This will cinch the dress at your waist, giving you a flattering look. 

a full figured woman wearing a wild sophistication dress in mauve

Top It Off with Dainty Jewelry 

While maxi dresses may be the most modest of all the dress styles, they can still be sexy and curve-hugging. If you’re planning to wear a maxi dress with a high slit and curve-hugging fit, top the look off with simple, dainty gold jewelry. Less is more with this look! 

Throw On Some Heels 

Maxi dresses will naturally elongate your figure. If you want to add more height or give your figure a sleek and sultry look, top off the look with a pair of heels. Heels can also help keep your maxi dress from dragging if it fits a little longer and you don’t have time to alter it. 

Style It with a Blazer

To dress your maxi up for the office or give it a more structured look, you can top off your maxi dress with a blazer. While maxi dresses are more flowy and whimsical, blazers are the opposite. When they are paired together, they create quite the look. 

Tie a Button-Down 

Instantly transform any summer maxi dress by throwing on a white button-down and tying it at the bust. This is a really cute way to create a look that’s trendy and unique.


a full figured woman sporting common baby its you maxi dress


Add In a Scarf 

For long sleeve maxi dresses that are worn in the winter, you can add a chunky knit scarf for a cozy and cute outfit. 

Top It Off with a Moto Jacket

If your maxi dress needs an edge, top it off with a cropped faux leather moto jacket and a pair of cute black ankle booties. 

Throw On an Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

To create a sultry look that’s also comfortable and laid back, you can top off a slip or tank top maxi dress with an off-the-shoulder sweater. This outfit will look best with a cropped sweater or a sweater that’s tied into a knot on the side or in the center. 

How many of these styling hacks have you already tried with your maxi dress? The maxi dress is truly one of the most versatile pieces in our wardrobe! And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our new arrivals to shop the latest maxi dresses and accessories.