9 Cute Fall Dresses to Stay Warm In

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It’s officially our favorite time of the year! Fall is here, and we are getting our wardrobes ready for a stylish season. One of the styles we will be embracing the most is wearing cute fall dresses that look trendy but also keep us warm. If you thought dresses were just for spring and summer, we are going to show you how you can wear plus size dresses throughout the fall and even into the winter. We will also show you some of the latest fall dress styles that you can find at Chic Soul! Get ready to fill up your fall mood board with these cute and cozy plus size dresses.

1. Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses

Wearing plus size maxi dresses into fall just got a lot cozier with our long sleeve maxi dresses. Not only are these dresses naturally warm, but they are also curve-hugging and can easily be layered with cardigans, coats and cute winter scarves. We love these dresses because they are effortlessly chic and versatile. While you can certainly wear these for more laid back and casual events, these dresses are elegant enough to be dressed up for more formal occasions. 


a full figured woman wearing knitted up for the cold dress in cream


2. Plus Size Sweater Dresses 

For the chillier days, nothing is more comfortable and stylish than a sweater dress. We love wearing sweater dresses by themselves or layering them with cardigans and coats. Another way we love to style sweater dresses with a shorter hemline is by adding a pair of tights and knee-high boots. These dresses come in a variety of patterns and colors, which means you can fill your fall wardrobe with them and create endless looks. 


a full figured woman sporting an all the love that can be dress in mocha


3. Turtleneck Dresses

Everyone loves a good turtleneck when it starts to get chilly outside! That’s why we have stocked our virtual shelves with the cutest, curve-hugging turtleneck dresses for fall. These dresses can also become a part of your business casual fall looks for the season, as they look great in the office while still being cozy and comfortable.
a full figured woman modelling brink of fall dress in black and mustard

4. Flannel Dresses 

If you’re going for a trendy fall look that’s very on point with the seasonal vibes, you are going to love wearing a flannel dress. These come in a variety of hems and styles so you are sure to find one that fits your lifestyle and wardrobe. 


a full figured woman wearing a glowing steady dress teal


5. Crushed Velvet Dresses

For a look that turns heads and keeps you warm, our crushed velvet dresses are sure to impress. We love wearing these in a midi or mini fit with a cute pair of ankle boots! This dress comes in long sleeves, which will keep you warm alongside the thick velvet material.


a full figured woman modelling a feels like fate jumper in camel


6. Jumper Dresses

While jumper dresses may look like overalls and something you may not consider wearing when it’s cold outside, these jumpers are perfect for layering over sweaters and dresses that are warmer. We suggest pairing jumpers with sweater dresses, turtleneck sweaters or cold shoulder tops. 

a full figured woman wearing a night to remember dress in black


7. Long Sleeve Midi Dresses 

For the nights where you have somewhere special to be or the days where you want to have an incredibly chic and sleek look that’s also warm, long sleeve midi dresses that hug your curves are perfect for fall. You can pair these with sleek, black ankle boots and tights if you want.


a full figured woman sporting a pumpkin spice sippin dress in black and ivory


8. Chunky Knit Dresses

Similar to our favorite plus size sweater dresses, chunky knit dresses are also going to be a huge hit for fall. While sweater dresses may be a little more monotone and neutral, our chunky knit dresses are packed with bold colors and patterns. If you need a cute and bold dress to wear under your pea coat this fall, we highly suggest this one. 


a full figured woman modelling the bitter truth sweater in pink


9. Oversized Sweater Dresses

If you love sweater dresses, but you want a looser fit that’s a little more casual, try our oversized sweater dresses. These flowy dresses are warm and cozy, but they don’t crowd your curves too much. 

Fit Our Fall Dresses to Your Mood

How is your mood board looking? We are wishing you the most fashionable fall ever with pumpkin spice and everything nice! And don’t forget to stay warm!