Easy Style Revamps: How to Tie a Shirt

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Are you tired of wearing average blouses or sweaters that you can never decide how to style with your favorite jeans, pants or skirts? If so, we are going to blow your mind today with some mini-tutorials on how to tie and wear plus size tops to make them more interesting and flattering. 

There are so many ways to tie some of your go-to t-shirts, blouses and button-downs, and these techniques can be used with virtually any shirt style. So whether you are looking for chill outfit ideas or you want to create a playful and stunning look for a night out, these techniques will take your outfit to new levels. 

How to Tie a Button-Down Shirt 

There are many ways to tie a button-down shirt since the shirt will have two sides that can easily be styled and wrapped in a variety of ways. Here are two of the most sophisticated takes on the trend. 

1. Casual Tie Front 

If you want to give your button-down a laid-back look, this is the tying hack for you. 

  • Button the shirt down to the button just below your bust. 
  • Then, take the loose ends and loosely tie them together. 
  • You can double knot the shirt to keep the loose ends hidden or leave the loose ends out for a more casual look. 

2. Cropped, Center Knot 

If you want to spice up any look with a white button-down, you can easily turn this shirt into a cropped look with a plunging neckline. 

  • Wear your favorite bra that resembles your skin color closely and throw on the button-down, leaving it unbuttoned. 
  • Then cross one side of the button-down and pull the bottom of the shirt under your bra and out through the middle of the bra. 
  • Next, cross over the other side of the button-down and pull the button of the shirt through the top of the middle part of the bra. 
  • You should have one end of the shirt coming out of the top of the bra and then the other end coming out of the bottom. 
  • Now, you can tie the two ends together. 
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How to Knot a T-Shirt and Sweater 

If you plan on adding your favorite sweater or T-shirt to a maxi dress, slip skirt or a pair of jeans this fall and you would rather turn it into a crop top, you can easily knot the sweater to the side or in the front. This will highlight your curves and give your outfit more dimension. Here are the many ways you can tie or knot your favorite off shoulder tops.

3. Center or Side Knot 

Creating a center or side knot is one of the most common ways to turn plus size tunic tops into crop tops. 

  • If you want to tie your shirt in the center or at the side, start by rolling or folding up the shirt to the desired length while you are wearing it. 
  • Once the shirt is at your desired length, gather the extra material at the front of the shirt or to the side and twist it. 
  • Pull the extra material tight and then tie it into a knot. 


a full figured woman sporting getting to know you top in sage and ivory


4. Hidden Side, Front or Back Knot 

If you like knotting and tying your shirts, but you don’t like the visible knot this creates, there is a way to create a hidden knot. Follow the steps below. 

  • Flip the top you plan to wear inside out. 
  • Place the top on a flat surface and determine whether you want to tie it in the front, back or side. 
  • Bunch together the area you want to tie, and then tie it into a knot. 
  • Flip the shirt and try it on.
  • It may take a few tries for you to get the knot just right. As you perfect it, you will notice that the knot is in the inside of your top rather than sticking out. 

a full figured woman wearing second glancing top in lavender

5. How to Create a Wrap Look with a Center Knot

If you have an oversized t-shirt or a sweater that’s loose-fitting, you can create a faux wrap look by following the steps below. This is a great way to turn a loose-fitting top into something that’s flattering and hugs your curves just right.

  • Put on the shirt and pull both sides out to the side at the same time. 
  • Twist both ends of the t-shirt or sweater to create two ends that you can tie together. 
  • Make sure the ends are twisted tightly so that the shirt or sweater is hugging your curves.
  • Bring together the two ends in the center and tie them together. 
  • You can either leave the ends loose or you can tuck them into the wrapped parts of the t-shirt. 
  • Now, you have a wrapped look that also has a center knot. 

Do you have a bunch of ideas on how you can elevate your favorite button-downs and tees? We hope this article inspired you.