The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Animal Prints

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What does your style relationship with animal prints look like? It seems like most fashionistas either have a love or hate relationship with the trendy print. However, we recommend starting to get more comfortable with zebra, leopard, crocodile, cow and many other animal prints because they aren’t going anywhere.

Everything you think you know about animal prints? Disregard those preconceived notions! Bold zebra and cheetah prints aren’t just reserved for fun bachelorette party outfits; they can be worn for any occasion. Not only that, but incorporating animal prints into your everyday outfits is a great way to elevate your style and up your fashion game. And if you’re wondering where to start, we are going to show you practical ways to embrace animal prints that are bold and subtle and show off your full figured body type.

As you’re learning about these prints and the many ways you can wear them, don’t forget to check out Chic Soul’s selection of animal print clothing. Whether you like wearing plus size maxi dresses, blouses or shoes that sport animal prints, we have the perfect pieces that will satisfy your craving for a bold and cute look. If you’re spending more time around the house, you may also want to check out our loungewear with different animal prints. 

Different Types of Animal Prints

Before we dive into how to style animal prints in a practical and fun way, here are some of the most popular animal prints that you may see and want to wear: 

  • Leopard – Leopard has evolved over the years from a bold pattern to a subtle neutral print that can be worn for any occasion. We love the versatility of this print, and we think it works well with any style. Typically, leopard prints incorporate a black outline with a brown shade inside the outline. You may think that leopard, cheetah and jaguar prints are similar, but they have small differences that can completely change the look. 
  • Cheetah – If you like the leopard print, you may also enjoy sporting the cheetah print. While leopard incorporates brown and black, the cheetah print is more of a black outline without any brown shading. We definitely think of this print as being more ideal for fashionistas who like more minimal and simple prints.

 leopard love sweatshirt

  • Jaguar – Also very similar to the cheetah and leopard prints, you may think that the jaguar print is identical at first glance. However, the jaguar print incorporates more black lines and spots with some underlying brown tones. If you like a print that’s a little more abstract, the jaguar might be a nice way to embrace animal print.
  • Peacock – For boho-chic fashionista, the peacock print may be perfect for you. If you love the look of feathers, the peacock print is whimsical and can be worn for any occasion. Whether colorful or monochromatic, there are so many looks that this print can take on. 
  • Giraffe – Giraffe is a print that is so underrated, but it can be incredibly chic and work well for a more professional wardrobe. This print has abstract rectangular prints against a neutral background and, usually, it comes in an orange or a brown hue. While giraffe is an animal print, it also serves a great neutral style. 
  • Tortoise Shell – Most commonly known for its appearance in sunglasses and accessories like necklaces, earrings and bracelets, the tortoise shell print brings a luxe look to any outfit. While this is most commonly seen in accessories, you can expect to see tortoise print on clothing too. Either way, we think it’s a very fun print that’s also classy.
  • Zebra – While the zebra print is a little more wild and bold, there are iterations of the print that are subtle and chic. Whether you like a bold zebra print or a more minimal and classy-looking pattern, this print definitely makes a statement in any outfit. 
  • Tiger – When it comes to tiger print, think zebra but black and orange. While the zebra pattern is usually a little more fluid-looking, a tiger print has jagged, rough black stripes. Like the zebra trend, this might be a more wild print that’s hard to mute but, as the print evolves, you can expect to see more practical and minimalist takes on it. 

 after you snake top

  • Snakeskin – The snakeskin trend has certainly been on the rise for a few years now. From shoes to pants, this print brings an edge to any outfit. Like the other prints, snakeskin has many different looks. From bright colors to minimalist and neutral shades, this print has become one of the most versatile and popular animal prints.
  • Crocodile – Somewhat similar to snakeskin, crocodile print has also become a top print when it comes to shoes, dresses, pants and more. This print is usually a little more upscale looking and dresses up well for any formal event. Crocodile print also usually comes in more vinyl or faux leather material, making the print understated but incredibly chic.
  • Cow – Yes, we said cow print! Thanks to Doja Cat’s hit record, “Moo,” the cow print has become quite popular. And it’s actually a really cute print to sport. The pattern takes on different color iterations like brown and white or black and white, and the patterns range from small to large. If you don’t see cow print as a huge trend right now, keep it on your radar!
  • Abstract Animal Print – During your search for the latest animal prints to wear, you may come across abstract patterns that incorporate your favorite animal print or pair them with two different prints. Abstract pieces are great for those who aren’t fully on board with wearing animal prints but still want to embrace the trend. At first glance, the print may either be obvious or may require a double-take to notice.

How to Wear Animal Print: Our Favorite Animal Print Outfits 

Now that you have the lowdown on our favorite animal prints, here are some practical and fun ways to wear them. We love these outfits for a night out, a day at the office or getting brunch with your girls.

Bold Animal Print Statement Pants

If you’re looking for ways to elevate a basic blouse, you can always add a pair of animal print pants or leggings. Animal print pants can be worn for any occasion, and we will show you how: 

  • Casual and Fun Pants for a Concert or Festival – For an outfit that is casual and fun, we recommend snakeskin flare pants that hug your curves just right. 
  • Animal Prints in the Office – For a look you can wear into the office, try a pair of subtle cheetah print pants that are fitted. You can also find black pants that have a subtle and muted snakeskin or jaguar print that isn’t extremely noticeable. Top the look off with a black heel or some cute flats.

 unattached bottoms teal

  • A Lounge Look with a Wild Side – Zebra pants or shorts are a fun and vibrant way to lounge around. You can also style cheetah, leopard and jaguar prints for a wild look that’s also comfortable. 
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Animal Print Skirts and Shorts 

Animal print bottoms like skirts and shorts will give any look a wild flare. There are so many ways to style these fun bottoms: 

outfit for a night out

  • An Outfit for a Night Out – For a fun night out, pair a cute off-the-shoulder blouse with a giraffe print, cow print or zebra print mini skirt. For a more upscale look, we recommend pairing a black long sleeve bodysuit with a vinyl crocodile or snakeskin mini skirt. 
  • Cute and Casual Brunch Look – If you want a cute look for a brunch, we love pairing a basic top with a pair of high-waisted giraffe print shorts. Top this look off with a pair of cute wedges.
  • A Modest Look with Animal Prints – For something like going to church or a more formal dinner, you could always wear a subtle leopard or snakeskin print midi skirt. Tuck in your favorite top or throw on a fun graphic tee. 

Animal Print Blouses

Spice up a basic pair of pants with a bold tiger print, snakeskin or cheetah print blouse. Here is how to embrace these looks for different occasions: 

  • Casual Out and About Look – If you’re running errands for the day, but you want an eye-catching look that’s bold, try wearing plus size tops with animal print statement sleeves. Cheetah tunics are also a cute way to dress up leggings. 
  • Work-Appropriate Animal Print Blouses – If you’re getting dressed for a more business casual event or a day of working in the office, try a blouse with an animal print that’s more muted and neutral.

source of happiness cardigan cream

Animal Print Sweaters and Cardigans

Gearing up for fall, you are going to want to keep these sweaters and cardigans in your closet:

  • Fierce Sweaters – At Chic Soul, we are getting ready to keep you cozy all fall long with our adorable animal print sweaters. Nothing goes better with a pair of distressed skinny or boyfriend jeans than a cheetah print sweater. Top off the look with your favorite ankle booties or knee-high boots. 

 statement cardigans

  • Statement Cardigans – Whether you’re heading into the office or putting together a casual look for the day, you can’t go wrong with an animal print cardigan. At Chic Soul, there is definitely no shortage of adorable cheetah, leopard and jaguar cardigans for you to choose from. 
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How to Mix Animal Prints

For the bold fashionistas who can’t get enough animal print, mixing two bold prints together is something you can do to create a stunning look. Here are some of our favorite rules for mixing these prints:

mixing animal prints

  • Pair Two Similar Prints – If you love leopards, you can easily mix leopards and a similar print that has spots like cheetah or jaguar. Prints that are similar in shape and size can pair really nicely with each other. 
  • Match the Colors – To mix two completely different patterns like snakeskin and cheetah print, you need to make sure the colors are similar. Having the pieces be of the same color can give you a cohesive yet impactful look. If you can’t find pieces that are the same color, pick one color that’s a common denominator in both pieces. Think black, yellow or orange. 
  • Just Go for it – If you’re a fashionista who has a knack for creating bold looks that turn heads, we encourage you to mix all the prints and break all the “rules.” We feel like the best outfit is confidence! So, rock those contrasting prints with pride. 

Accessorize with Animal Prints

Wearing bold animal print outfits isn’t for everyone but, if you don’t want to miss out on these fun patterns, you can always accessorize with them. Here are a few of our favorite ways to add fierce touches to every outfit:

accessorize with animal prints

  • Tortoise Shell Sunglasses – For those of you who love the tortoise shell color, top off every outfit with a pair of bold sunglasses. 
  • Snakeskin Shoes – From flats to sandals and heels, you can embrace the snakeskin print in a subtle and chic way. Top off an all-black outfit with a pair of snakeskin heels for a sleek and posh vibe. 
  • Clothing Accents – Keep an eye out for your favorite sweaters, blouses and pants for animal print accents that are subtle but still fierce. Embracing animal print accents gives you a way to try the trend without being too bold. 

Are you ready to fill your wardrobe with chic animal prints and patterns? Whether you love leopard or you want to incorporate more snakeskin print into your life, you will find everything you need at Chic Soul. 


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