Tips on How to Take Body Measurements

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Have you ever had your body measurements taken or tried to do them yourself? While this practice may not be as common for the average consumer, it’s more important today than it ever has been to know your measurements. Why? Because most consumers are shopping for their clothing online these days, which eliminates the possibility of being able to try on clothing before you purchase it. A lot of times, consumers like you are playing the guessing game when it comes to determining your size as you order plus size maxi dresses from your favorite plus size shop. 

However, when you take your measurements, you can use that valuable information to determine your perfect size while shopping online. We want you to find your perfect size for your full-figured body type every time, no matter where you shop, which is why we assembled this guide for you. In a few easy steps with a few items, you should be able to easily take your measurements. Taking measurements by yourself can be difficult, but it is possible! So, before you start, you may need to ask a friend or family member to help you. 

What You Need to Take Body Measurements

In order to get the most precise measurements and record them effectively, here are some of the things you will need. 

  • A measuring tape
  • Curve-hugging thin clothing or undergarments
  • A mirror
  • A pen and a notepad / your phone’s notepad
  • A friend

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How to Take the Perfect Body Measurements 

Follow this guide step by step to ensure you accurately take and record your body measurements. After you complete these steps, we will show you how you can use your body measurements when shopping online. 

  • Clothes to Wear While Taking Measurements – Start off by putting on undergarments that you usually wear, such as panties, a bra or shorts. If you are taking your measurements with a friend, you can always wear plus size tops that you feel comfortable in. The key to getting precise measurements while clothed is wearing garments that are curve-hugging and thin. This will ensure that the number on the measuring tape isn’t too far from your actual measurement. 
  • Stand in Front of a Mirror – If you’re taking measurements by yourself, you will want to stand in front of a mirror to ensure that you have wrapped the tape around your body evenly all the way around. If you are taking measurements with a friend, it’s still helpful to stand in front of a mirror to ensure the tape is parallel to the ground and level. 
  • Wrap the Measuring Tape Around These Parts of Your Body – Every online brand is different when it comes to the information they include in their sizing guide. You may see some brands that take arm length or circumference into consideration while other brands don’t. Just to be comprehensive, here is a complete list of body parts you can measure:
    • Arm width 
    • Arm length 
    • Shoulders
    • Chest/bust
    • Waist
    • Hip
    • Leg
    • Inseam
    • Thigh width
    • Ankle
    • Wrist

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      • Make Sure the Measuring Tape Is Snug – As you measure your body, when you wrap the tape around, make sure it fits snug on you. It should not be too loose or too tight. 
      • Record Your Measurements – When you get the number for each body part, make sure you label it correctly and write it down for safekeeping. 
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      How to Use Your Body Measurements

      Once you have taken your body measurements, you will be able to use them as you shop for clothing online. Here are some ways to determine your perfect size with your measurements. 

      • Refer to the Sizing Guide – On every clothing website, there should be a sizing guide. The sizing guide will contain information about which size you should order, based on your measurements. You may find that your measurements don’t align perfectly with the size guide or that you may be in between sizes. In that case, keep reading.
      • Consider the Fabric and Materials – If you’re between sizes based on your measurements, you should consider the fabric and materials the clothing is made out of. Usually, this information is located under “Product Details.” If a piece of clothing has spandex in it or it is disclosed that the garment is stretchy, you should opt for the smaller size. If the garment contains no stretch and is made out of 100% polyester or other fabrics that don’t have stretch, it’s safe to say you should choose the larger size. 

      Shopping online for clothing should be much easier now that you know how to take and use your measurements! Don’t forget to check out Chic Soul’s cute plus size clothing!