Minimalist Clothing for Curvy Girls

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Minimalist Clothing for Curvy Girls

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Are you looking for a way to create stunning outfits that aren’t too difficult to assemble or don’t contain too many colors or clashing patterns? We totally understand the appeal of having a minimalist wardrobe that can be mixed and matched with everything for every occasion. And if you’re looking for outfits that are more muted and simple, but still create a visual impact, you may be leaning toward more of a minimalist style.

What Is Minimalist Clothing?

Minimalism is the idea of sparseness and simplicity. When it comes to clothing styles, minimalism usually looks like a monochromatic outfit with very few seasonal or trendy pieces and statement colors. Minimalist clothing is very simple and basic, but the potential to create trendy, head-turning looks is endless. 

So, if you’re wondering how to create a minimalist wardrobe when it comes to full-figured fashion, we have some ideas, as well as minimalist pieces that you’ll want to check out. 

Curve-Hugging and Flattering Jeans 

Plus size jeans are a staple for any minimalist wardrobe, but you can’t just style any kind of denim. These jeans need to look as clean and polished as possible. Stay away from designs on the pocket or any distress or embellishments on the jeans. You can invest in all different kinds of washes so that you can maximize and diversify your wardrobe. We recommend sticking with skinny jeans—as they can be worn with every type of shoe and outfit. But if you love a good wide leg, feel free to diversify your wardrobe with them!

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Plus Size Blouses 

When it comes to plus size blouses, as we mentioned with the jeans and most of the clothing we recommend on this list, you’ll want to stick with solid color tops that are neutral. If there’s a special blouse that has certain embellishments, but it’s monochromatic or one solid color, you can make an exception. But, usually, you’ll want to stick with blouses that are simply looking and which will work well for any occasion. 

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Plus Size Sweaters

Like plus size blouses, your sweaters will need to be staple pieces that pair well and which can be layered with anything and everything. Layering is a really great way to create emphasis when it comes to minimalist looks. So, while you may want to have a few chunky knit sweaters, your bread-and-butter is going to be a stash of thin, lightweight sweaters that can easily be worn under a blazer, moto jacket, or coat. When filling your closet with plus size sweaters, stick to gray, beige, and black sweaters to maximize your minimalist wardrobe.

Plus Size Outerwear 

As we mentioned above, layering is really important when it comes to creating emphasis. Our favorite jackets for a minimalist wardrobe are faux leather moto jackets, peacoats, duster coats, and cargo coats. Outerwear can easily be thrown over any look to dress it up or down. Like the rest of the clothing in this guide, you will want to stick with monochromatic pieces that look sleek and sharp. However, if you like to create more emphasis, feel free to invest in a statement coat that you can throw over any look to elevate it.

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Plus Size Dresses

Dresses serve as the foundation for many outfits. And, in a minimalist wardrobe, they serve the same function. It’s important to have dresses that are not only neutral but classic and timeless. You should keep a maxi, midi, and mini dress in your closet for every occasion. Because dresses are so special and often can be worn on their own, you certainly can invest in seasonal or trendy pieces—but only a few!

Plus Size Cardigans

Cardigans come in all textures, styles, patterns, and colors, which is so exciting. But for a minimalist wardrobe, you’ll want to make sure you stick to the basic colors like beige, black, and gray. If you’d like to add a little color to your minimalist wardrobe, you can implement colors like blush, navy, rust, or mustard yellow. These colors usually pair well with most neutrals so that you’ll still have that minimalist look with a little bit of a twist.

If you’re someone who loves bold colors and patterns, minimalism may not be for you, but it’s always fun to try new styles! Plus, you don’t have to get rid of bold and bright clothing; you can either weave them in with your minimalist looks or keep them on hand for the next time you refresh your style!