New Year, New Wardrobe: 6 Trending Plus Size Clothing Ideas

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New Year, New Wardrobe: 6 Trending Plus Size Clothing Ideas

We are so happy to ring in 2021 with the latest plus size clothing fashion trends. Every year, plus size fashion gets bolder and more exciting. At Chic Soul, we have stocked our virtual shelves with the latest and trendiest plus-size clothes. Whether you like to make a bold statement with your outfit or you prefer something a little more chill and casual, these cute plus size clothing ideas will inspire your new wardrobe for the new year.

This year feels a little different from last year for obvious reasons. And a lot of us are spending more time at home, which means we don’t have an excuse to get dressed up as much ... or so we thought! Even if you aren’t leaving your house as much or you’re spending a lot of days lounging around, there’s still so much potential and opportunity to get dressed. And studies show that when you get dressed—even if you’re just working from home—your confidence soars!  So, which of these bold trends and outfit ideas will you embrace this year?

mix and match top

1. Contrasting Printed Sweaters

Whether you love a neutral sweater or you love bold patterns, we have just the sweater you’re looking for! Last year, a big trend in fashion was to have clothing that had contrasting prints and patterns in one garment. We personally love this trend, and you’ll see that translated through many of our sweaters. Mix and match stripes, polka dots, and camo for a contrasting look that turns heads. We love wearing cute sweaters like these at home because it makes us feel more put together and they are so comfortable—it’s as if we were wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.

all along leggings

2. Sleek Leggings

Leggings are—and have always been—the MVP of bottoms in our mind. But now that we’re staying home a lot more, leggings have become even more valuable and important. Plus size leggings make the perfect foundation for any look, whether you want to pair them with trendy tops and oversized sweaters or wear them to the gym! And even though these are as comfortable as loungewear pants, they look more put together and you’ll feel more dressed up!

someday swoon dress

3. Chic Dresses

Plus size dresses are a huge part of our staple wardrobe. From baby doll dresses to maxi slip dresses, we love these elegant pieces that create elevated looks for any occasion. Even if you’re staying home a lot more, we love throwing on a dress every once in a while. Whether you have a Zoom meeting scheduled or not, it will be nice to walk by the mirror and see yourself all dressed up! Do you have a curve-hugging dress that makes you look and feel beautiful? Well, don’t take our word for it! Try this little confidence hack for yourself!

gonna getcha good skirt

4. The High-Waisted Mini Skirt

Even though we’re currently in the colder months of the year, that doesn’t mean that we can’t wear mini skirts! In fact, we love wearing mini skirts in the winter while pairing them with cute cropped sweaters and over-the-knee boots. Adding a pair of cute boots to your mini skirt look gives you the ultimate winter vibe while also keeping you warm. Do you like to wear skirts in the winter?

everyday hero jeans

5. Denim Trends

While we think leggings are the bottoms of choice these days, there are a lot of exciting trends for denim this year. We’re seeing a lot more wide-leg and gaucho-style plus size jeans for women, which is a really cool and unique approach! But, of course, our favorite skinny jeans and jeggings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re looking forward to styling wide leg or flare jeans, pair them with a curve-hugging top, and you have yourself a cute look!

earn your spots vest

6. Plus Size Outerwear 

Of course, you have to stay warm! But we’re committed to making sure you look cute while also feeling cozy. This year, plus size winter vests are our favorite! We love this trend because it’s so easy to pop on a vest over any look. Whether you are wearing jeans or leggings and an off-the-shoulder sweater or your favorite long sleeve, vests make an adorable addition to any outfit.

What are you excited to wear this year? Don’t be afraid to get creative while lounging around and experimenting with your favorite everyday clothes! And, when you go out, take advantage of every opportunity to get dressed to the nines!