Plus Size Loungewear Perfect for Warm Weather

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 Plus Size Loungewear Perfect for Warm Weather

While we have overly enjoyed lounging around in cozy loungewear this winter, we are even more excited to sport plus size loungewear this summer, too. Sure, while baggy sweatpants and oversized hoodies may not fit in well with the warm weather of the season, that doesn’t mean that we have to retire our loungewear at winter’s end. 

And, thanks to quarantine, a lot of our everyday clothes have become more comfortable and reminiscent of loungewear because we have had to spend so much time at home while also needing to dress up here and there. This means a lot of the full figured fashion in our closet could be perfect to lounge around in. As with every other style in your wardrobe, a new season brings new styles and trends, so let’s check out what summer has in store for loungewear! 

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Plus Size Biker Shorts 

Biker shorts had a huge moment last summer as the staple piece for every outfit, and we are seeing that moment continue into this season. Biker shorts are so comfortable, and they are extremely practical for plus size women because they fight “chub rub.” We love biker shorts because they can be dressed up or down—seriously, some people wear blazers with their shorts. 

crossroad ahead dress

Plus Size House Dresses

Did you know that wearing dresses as loungewear was a thing? Well, it definitely is. While the house dress style has been around for a while, it rose to prominence during quarantine. And we feel like this is something we will embrace forever. We recommend getting a soft and flowy dress that feels comfortable, but which also contours your figure like a flowy maxi dress! You can dress this garment up or down, but, most importantly, you can wear it while lounging around the house and you’ll still feel dressed up. 

sunshine good times top

Oversized Tees

You know what pairs extremely well with biker shorts? Oversized tees or plus size tunics. The oversized tee is a really great staple to keep on hand for the summer because you can either wear it as is or you can knot and tie it to create a cropped look to go with a pair of jeans or a skirt. 

sea day fun romper

Plus Size Rompers

If you think rompers are reserved for parties and they don’t really seem like loungewear to you, we challenge you to think about them in a new and refreshing way. Plus size rompers with softer materials feel a lot like loungewear, and they can easily elevate your at-home attire. Instead of opting for pajamas or sweatpants, throw on a cute romper instead. Not only will this look elevate your confidence, but you will also be looking extremely cute all day. 

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Knit Shorts

Instead of reaching for a pair of denim shorts, if you want a style that hugs your curves just right and feels comfortable throughout the day, try plus size knit shorts. These shorts come in all kinds of styles and patterns so that you can easily work them into your summer wardrobe. These shorts are also great for lounging or for running errands. 

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Matching Short Sets

Matching sets are always popular around the summertime because they are effortless to put together but still give you an outfit that is creative and fun. If you’re looking for a more comfortable take on matching sets during the warmer months, opt for a matching short set. You can also interchange different garments to add contrast and diversify your wardrobe. 


Whether you are spending a lot of your time at the gym or working out this summer, any kind of gym set is going to make for a cute street style look since athleisure is so popular right now! If you’re heading to yoga, pack a change of cute fashion sneakers and feel free to wear your gym set around all day. You will be looking cute and cool in your athleisure style. We love a cute sports bra paired with a matching pair of yoga pants. 

Get ready to sizzle this summer in your fabulous loungewear! Head to your closet and pick out your favorite loungewear contenders to figure out how you are going to style them!