Tips on Putting Together Chic Swimsuit Outfits

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 Tips on Putting Together Chic Swimsuit Outfits

Whether you plan on getting in some major pool and sunbathing time or you have promised yourself that you will spend your summer days at the beach, wouldn’t it be nice to take your swimsuit from the pool to dinner or wherever else the night takes you? 

Plus size bathing suits have become so cute and stylish over the years that we feel they should be the star of their own outfits. Gone are the days where we have to change out of our swimsuits to put on another outfit. Which leaves us asking, “Why not build an outfit that revolves around our swimwear?” 

And don’t worry, even if you don’t live in a beachy town, you can still embrace these chic swimsuit outfits—even if you are just wearing them around your own house. Embrace your swimsuit beyond the beach or the pool this year and turn them into outfits. Here are our best tips on putting together chic swimsuit outfits.

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Find the Right Swimsuit

There are right and wrong swimsuits when it comes to creating an outfit with one. Because you will most likely experiment with layering as you are creating these outfits, you will want a swimsuit that hugs your curves and which isn’t too bulky or doesn’t have too much extra fabric. We are thinking of a really sleek one-piece swimsuit or two-piece swimsuits that can easily be dressed up or down. 

Find Your Swimsuit Outfit Style

When you are creating a swimsuit outfit, there are many different ways you could go in terms of styling. Are you more of a bikini paired with rolled-down plus size shorts kind of girl, or do you prefer to wrap a chic sarong around your waist and top the look off with a pair of bold sunnies?

Either way, these are both great swimsuit outfits. But to better determine what your swim style is, take a look at the outfits you wear currently. Do you usually go for more flowy and whimsical pieces or do you like something more casual like denim or more structured like a blazer? And once you have determined that, ask yourself how you can translate your style into a swimsuit outfit.

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Pull Pieces from Your Closet

Is there a certain dress, skirt, or kimono that comes to mind when you think about turning your swimsuit into its own outfit? If so, pull those pieces from your closet and pack them in your beach bag. You have all summer to play with these outfits and see what you like! Your look could be as simple as throwing a flowy kimono over your two-piece bikini with a pair of cute sandals.

Look Up Swimspo 

If you are really invested in creating a swimsuit outfit this summer, create a mood board of other swimsuit outfits or potential looks that you love. This will get your creative juices flowing and increase inspiration. Before you know it, you will have the perfect idea of how you can achieve your dream swim look. 

Get the Right Accessories 

Accessories make all the difference when you are creating a swimsuit outfit. You would be surprised how quickly a pair of chunky gold hoop earrings or a hat can elevate your look. Sarongs are also great to keep on hand! 

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Our Favorite Swim Outfit Pieces

Here are some of the pieces you will need to create endless swim looks this summer. You may be surprised to find most of these in your closet, but, if you don’t, no worries! Chic Soul has you covered with the latest summer styles that will complement your swimsuit outfit. 

  • Slip Skirt – If you have a chic bikini top, pair it with a leopard print slip skirt. This is a quick way to take your swimsuit from beach to the bar or dinner.
  • Jean Shorts – One of the easiest looks to create is one with denim shorts and a one-piece or a bikini. 
  • Wrap Skirt – If you have a wrap skirt or a longer sarong, you can drape this over any swimsuit for a look that’s instantly elevated.
  • Kimono – Throw a kimono over any swimsuit for a laidback look that’s super chic. 
  • Denim Skirt – The 2000s are totally in right now. So, by adding a denim skirt to your favorite bikini or one-piece, you’re automatically stylish.

We can’t wait to see the kinds of swimwear outfits you come up with! We know you will have fun creating these looks and soaking up the sun, but, in case any kind of insecurities pop up while you’re at the beach or the pool, remember: A strong (swimwear) outfit creates strong confidence