The 5 Best Jean Styles for Apple-Shaped Bodies

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This article is for our apple-shaped queens...if you’re not an apple-shaped queen, keep scrolling! And that’s the only TikTok reference we will make in this blog post—no promises, though. Today, we will be sharing tips and advice for our apple-shaped plus size gals on which jeans will make your figure pop! 

Plus size bodies range in size and shape, which means everyone has a unique figure. One of these shapes is that of an apple. So how do you know if you have an apple-shaped figure? Here are a couple of indicators that may help you identify whether or not the apple-shaped figure relates to you: 

  • Shoulders and hips are the same width
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Large bust
  • Flat hips and buttocks

If you identify as an apple-shaped woman and you’re wondering which style of plus size jeans will flatter your figure while contouring your curves, we have you covered! There are so many styles of denim out there, and we believe that you can wear whichever style you feel best in. But these plus size boutique styles in particular will make you do a double-take every time you walk by a mirror. 

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The Skinny Jean

It’s just common sense, skinny jeans look good on everyone! Specifically, for apple-shaped women, this style looks sleek on your curves and hugs your figure just right. Skinny jeans will help you show off your legs and elongate them! High-waisted skinny jeans also look amazing on your curves. If you want a polished look, opt for a darker wash that pairs well with everything. Since skinny jeans are so flattering, you can wear virtually any kind of top. Try tunics or oversized sweaters! 

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Bell Bottoms 

If you want a pair of jeans that will balance out your proportions, bell bottoms will guide the eye down, creating a flattering and elongating look. Wide leg bell bottoms are very trendy this summer, so embrace them fearlessly! Pair your bell bottom jeans with a fitted top to complete the look or a cropped blouse with ruffles. 

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Bootcut Denim

Let’s say that wide leg, bell bottom jeans aren’t for you, but you still want to find a pair of jeans that help you balance out proportions–no problem! Have you heard of bootcut jeans? These are the less emphasized cousin of bell bottoms. While they do flare out toward the bottom, they aren’t as dramatic as your typical wide leg pant. Plus size flare jeans are sort of a hybrid between skinny jeans and bell bottoms. This style of denim will hug your curves just right, giving you the illusion of an hourglass figure. Since these pants are so flattering, you can wear whichever kind of blouse or shirt you wish! 

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Boyfriend Jeans

Do you love jeans that have a more relaxed fit? If so, boyfriend jeans are right up your alley. And, the good news is that they look stunning on your figure. Similar to bell bottoms, the relaxed fit will help with balancing out proportions. Since the jeans are relatively baggy, top off the look with a fitted graphic T-shirt or cropped top.

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Straight Leg

If you’ve read through all of these styles and you’re still struggling to find something that sounds exciting, try a straight leg fit. This style doesn’t cling to your curves like skinny jeans, but it also isn’t as relaxed as boyfriend jeans. This style is especially flattering for apple-shaped figures because it balances out the hips and shoulders. When styling these pants, keep your tops fitted and sleek to master a flattering look. Straight leg pants also make great work pants because they look great with blazers! 

At Chic Soul, we want you to wear what you love—regardless of your body type. Every body is a great body! Clothing can help you build and ignite confidence, and that’s what we hope to achieve with our style guides! So indulge in the styles that make your heart sing! Did you love learning about the jeans that look best on your apple-shaped body? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to dress and style an apple-shaped body.