Tips on Layering Turtlenecks for Warmth & Style

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Raise your hand if you’re a turtleneck fan! What’s not to love about turtlenecks? Not only do they keep us warm, but they are extremely chic and stylish. No matter what you’re wearing, turtlenecks instantly elevate any outfit. However, they can be tricky to style and layer, especially if you are dressing for a more flattering fit. 

But, have no worries! We have some great style advice that will show you how to layer turtlenecks for warmth and style. Are you ready for some even more good news? We just added a bunch of really cute Women’s plus-size turtleneck sweaters in all colors and styles to our virtual shelves for you to shop! 

simple favor sweater

Turtleneck + Coat

If you’re wearing a turtleneck, and you need to wear a coat over it, we suggest going with a thinner turtleneck that doesn’t look too bulky underneath the jacket. And, for a stylish twist, you can either go monochromatic with the look—having the turtleneck and coat be the same colo, or you could pair a lighter turtleneck under a darker coat for a more sleek and defined look. 

Turtleneck + Sweater

Is it possible to layer two plus-size sweaters on top of each other? It definitely is, especially with a turtleneck. A new trend for this season is pairing a thin or lightweight turtleneck under plus-size oversized sweaters. A really fun and stylish way to do this is by picking a white turtleneck and layering a different color sweater over the top to create contrast. 

Turtleneck + Dress

Do you have a really beautiful dress that you loved wearing over summer and fall and you’re not ready to part with it for winter? If so, the easiest way to make that style practical is by pairing it with a turtleneck. You can either choose a thin turtleneck or a heavier turtleneck—depending on the style of the dress. We typically opt for a thin turtleneck and tuck it into a pair of tights. And, the best part? This turtleneck style hack can work for all kinds of dresses.

Turtleneck over a Dress

Do you love the turtleneck and dress look? Great! So do we. If you have a slip dress or a more silky and lightweight midi dress, you can easily make it winter-appropriate by throwing a turtleneck over the dress. Bring in the turtleneck right below your bust or right above your hips with a knot or a belt. You don’t want this turtleneck going past your hips, as it won’t look as flattering. But this is a really easy way to take a dress from summer to winter in seconds.

wintery night top

Blazer + Turtleneck

Wearing your turtleneck to the office? No problem. Add a fitted blazer over your turtleneck! For a more polished look, button up the blazer or top it off with a belt just above your hips for a look that only a true fashionista could pull off!

Turtleneck + Jumpsuit

If you’re looking for a Fashion Week vibe, pair your favorite minimalist jumpsuit with a turtleneck. This will instantly elevate any turtleneck in your closet while creating a head-turning outfit. When selecting a jumpsuit, make sure to stick to something that matches the turtleneck in some way. If the jumpsuit has a bold print, make sure at least one of the colors in the jumpsuit matches the turtleneck. This will give you a cohesive and stylish look.

snowflake kisses sweater

Turtleneck + Cropped Jacket

Another simple way we love to wear turtlenecks around here is by pairing them with either a chic faux leather moto jacket or a cropped jean jacket. This is a look that is simple to put together, but it looks really polished. If you need to spice up your monochromatic turtleneck and jeans look, the easiest way to do that is to throw on a faux leather moto jacket. 

Turtleneck + White Button-Up

If you love styles that have a white button-up showing through the sleeves or through the bottom of solid color tops, you’re going to love this. First, start with a white button-up long-sleeve shirt. Then, throw a turtleneck over it and blouse the turtleneck in a way that allows the white button-up shirt to hang out of the bottom. You can either keep both sides of the white button-up shirt untucked or you can tuck one side into your jeans for a unique look. We hope we just gave you all the inspiration you needed to make turtlenecks the star of all of your full-figured fashion looks!