Comfortable Work (at Home) Clothes You’ll Look & Feel Good In

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Whether you've been working at home your entire career or you recently started working from home because of the pandemic, you have probably learned that working in pajamas all day long doesn’t do anything for your self esteem. Sure, working from home sounds great because you could potentially wear pajamas all day, but, when you don’t get dressed, studies show you feel more insecure and less excited to work throughout the day. 

Dressing up while working from home has many benefits, including increased confidence and productivity. And, if you love getting dressed for work everyday and going into the office, this might be one way to establish some normalcy for yourself as you get settled into working from home. Whether you have your work-from-home outfits lined up or you need some help figuring out what are considered to be pajamas vs. what are plus-size work clothes, we have you covered. At Chic Soul, we have so many comfortable clothes that could also double as work clothes … and they look great on Zoom, too. Here are some essential clothing pieces that we think you need, as well as items they pair well with, so that you can feel your best while working remotely.

cherish the moment cardigan


This goes without saying, but everyone who’s working from home needs a great pair of leggings that look sleek but are super-comfortable. Most times, if you have to dial into a Zoom call, only your upper body is showing, which means that while you might be more dressed-up on top, you can easily wear leggings for a more comfortable look. Plus-size leggings also pair well with cute blouses. So, whether you're going for a dressed-up look or for comfort, leggings need to be in your work-from-home wardrobe. 


We love wearing blazers into the office, as they always give us a confidence boost and make every outfit look more professional and polished. It’s no different at home. If you need to dress up a t-shirt, sweater, or a blouse, the easiest way to do that is to throw on a blazer. Look for blazers that have some stretch so that you can comfortably wear them all day.


Similar to blazers, cardigans can dress up t-shirts and simple blouses. They might be more slouchy than a structured blazer, but they do add a special something to an average top. These are also extremely comfortable to work from home in, whether you opt for a fitted cardigan or something that’s more oversized.

shine time top

Stylish Blouses

Whether you’re wearing leggings or jeans for the day, stylish blouses that are work-appropriate are perfect for those days where you have to jump on a Zoom call or the days where you just want to feel more dressed up. Choose plus-size tops for women that are loose fitting but still look flattering on your curves, for a more comfortable look. 

The best thing about wearing these blouses is that you’ll never have to worry about dialing into an impromptu Zoom meeting and wondering if people are going to ask you to turn on your camera or not. Either way, you’re already looking amazing. 

walk with warmth slippers

Cozy Slippers

While your outfit may be all about business, your shoes don’t have to be. While you can certainly wear your favorite pair of heels around the house, cozy slippers may get you through the day more comfortably. They also feel like a great compromise if you have to wear a more structured outfit all day.

Matching Gym Set

If you don’t have to be on camera for any of your meetings of the day, feel free to wear your favorite matching gym set. Even if you aren't going to the gym, matching sets feel put-together and will boost your confidence throughout the day. And, hey, you can always break for a lunch yoga session at any time.

Silk Robe or Kimono 

If you’re feeling uninspired and your confidence needs a major boost, slip on a silk robe with a cute bralette underneath. Nothing will make you feel better than wearing clothing that feels good on your skin. Also, wearing something that resembles lingerie while working will be a confidence boost like no other. Maybe save this look for the days where you don’t have to be on camera. This definitely screams “Casual Friday” to us.

hard to miss skinny jeans


If you’re obsessed with jeans and even prefer to wear them while you're working from home, invest in jeggings so that you can wear jeans that have great stretch in them. Jeggings are very comfortable and you can easily pair these with cardigans, blazers or blouses.

Now that you've got the basics down, we hope you can work from home comfortably and confidently because both of those feelings are integral to you getting your work done to the best of your ability.